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Destiny: What Bungie Needs to do to Improve this Series.

Destiny was extremely overhyped, but is still a pretty good game. It is a solid FPS with some very nice (yet basic) RPG elements. Knowing that Activision was the publisher, I knew that the best way to experience this series was to wait to buy it because of their constant paid DLC with the Call of Duty series. Then, wouldn't you know it, Activision came out with The Taken King Bundle, which included all of the DLC for only $60. For that, I want to say to Activision, "F**K YOU!" Forcing players who bought the vanilla version of the game to continuously shell out over $100 for what should already be in the game is a slap in the face to all of your fans. That being said, here are the changes that need to be made by Bungie in order to make this franchise one that is to be remembered and not easily forgotten:

  • Better story and more sensible dialogue: Before The Taken King was released, the story was just bland and forgettable. A more engaging story will keep the player wanting to come back for more and continuously play your game. Also, please do away with idiotic lines such as, "I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain." You have extremely good voice actors, use them to their fullest potential, and don't bog them down with trivial nonsense.
  • NO MORE RANDOM LOOT DROPS! These need to stop, now. When I have to play a Strike or Raid more than 20 times to get a gun that drops exclusively in those events, that pisses me off. It is an incredibly stupid way to increase gameplay time, Bungie. Give me the gun for that Strike or Raid the 1st time I complete it, and then you can give me some other weapons or gear. On top of that, after a crucible battle/strike/mission is completed, some players get 1 or 2 items at the mission summary screen, and some don't. That is not acceptable, and extremely unfair to players.
  • There needs to be cooperative matchmaking in Raids and Trials of Osiris. Not everyone I know is interested in playing FPS games, so when I can't find 4 or 5 other people to do Raids or Trials of Osiris with, it would be nice to have some players online that I can team up with on a fireteam to finally be able to do these specialized missions or competitive battles with.
  • Increase the Glimmer/Legendary Marks cap, or get rid of the cap completely. Glimmer is capped at 25000, but Legendary Marks are even worse, capped at a pitiful 200. The problem with this is that you need Legendary Marks more than ever to purchase extremely good weapons and gear, and the prices for said weapons and gear are far too expensive. You may get to buy 1 or 2 things, and then you'll have to farm for more Legendary Marks.
  • Get rid of using actual money to buy emotes. Sorry, Activision, I'm not going to use actual money to buy some stupid emotes. I haven't spent any money to replenish my silver currency since the game already gave me 200 to start with, and don't plan on doing it at all.
  • Cryptarch and Crucible ranks need to carry over to all 3 characters: I've played the most with my Hunter, my Cryptarch is at level 30 (which took me over 140 hours to get him to) and Crucible rank is at level 3, that should be able to carry over to the Warlock and Titan that I've created. Leveling up the Cryptarch is so tedious because of the extreme rarity of engrams dropping.

You may not agree with all of these things. But these were the most glaring issues I saw in the game. If anybody has anything else Bungie needs to do to make the future Destiny games better. I would like to hear about them. Magikmike39 out.