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First Impressions: Mario and Luigi Dream Team

So I'm about five hours into Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and thought I'd drop a quick blog on the adventure thus far. It has to be said that after the initial charm of the world and its characters it's dulled down a bit. Up to now I've fought a ghost-mist-thing, a bunch of ball-like mobs and an out-of-control robot. I've also explored a dungeon and an underground sewage system and done some trail hopping on the games main island. Exploration is still fun the game does a good job at fleshing out its quirky world but the battle-system is a bit of a let-down. This is my first Mario RPG, so I'm not sure how much it differs from others, but it feels like Nintendo got caught between turn-based and real-time combat with the resultant hybrid not really working. I'm also not super keen on Luigi's dream world (which you have to visit often) it just doesn't feel solid. On the plus side, the soundtrack and 3D graphics are awesome. Story-wise its not really innovative (Princess Peach gets kidnapped surprise surprise) but then again, I don't think the story is what makes Mario games endearing. It probably sounds like I'm not keen on the game at all, but I am still having loads of fun with it. Hopefully it'll pick soon and become more exciting. Review to follow...