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Doing Away With World of Warcraft

So after nearly eight years of playing Blizzards World of Warcraft (WoW) on and off Ive decided to once again unsubscribe, and this time I dont think Ill be going back. Its a great game and it has had a great run, but I do think its time for another MMORPG to have its time in the sun. WoW has become a glorified facebook-game consisting of an endless litany of dailies focused on getting players to log at least once a day, even if its only for twenty minutes. Raid content has become too easily accessible (you can clear raids by queuing randomly now) and PvP, although the most exciting aspect of the game, also becomes a grind after a few weeks into a new PvP season. Ive capped four characters at level 90, cleared all of the raids and dungeons and PvPed enough for it to become boring (you can do all of this in less time than you think), and never being one to grind dailies Ive found myself not logging for days on end. Apart from the lack of content I have to say that the games graphics are starting to look very aged. Like facebook browser games, in a way, WoW is made to cater to ALL, hence why the visuals wont ever be super. I played with the graphics set on ultra, but still the visuals arent what youd expect from a game in 2013. In the end it was a straightforward decision to stop spending my coin on the games subscription. Not playing WoW will definitely leave a void, but Ill settle for a next-generation console MMORPG next or nothing at all. To be honest, Im jaded with PC gaming and want to move my gaming exclusively to the 3DS and the PS4 (when it drops). Like many others, Ive earmarked Elder Scrolls Online as my next attempt at MMOing. Im also keen to see how well Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be received. If its a vast improvement on Squares last Final Fantasy MMO, I might get it for the PS4. My only concern with console MMORPGs is communication. How to communicate without a keyboard? Perhaps there will be an option to use voice (I would appreciate any insight on this point). Its time to do away with WoW and to embrace high-end graphics MMORPGs. Its been a great ride, but it cant still be the premier MMO in 2013 if it originally dropped eight years ago.