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Alien Vs. Predator 2

So if you havent heard about it, Its true. They did make a sequel to Alien Vs. Predator, and Its been out since December 25th. Unfortunately there were no previews or advertisements for the film of any kind except for on or Youtube. It is unfortunate because although its predecessor flopped horribly, this sequel really lived up to both the Alien, and Predator franchises. It had all of the action you would expect from both movies, a developed storyline with characters worth watching, and it was extremely exciting.

The movie picks up exactly where the first one left off, the Predator species picked up their fallen comrade from Earth and were in orbit when trouble hits. Yes folks the movie does revolve around a chestburster ripping out of a predator, and becoming an Alien/Predator hybrid. Needless to say a skirmish ensues and the spaceship crashes right back to Earth releasing the "Predalien" and a small number of facehuggers that the Predators had in captivity. Now the movie spares no exspense in showing just how terrible the Alien species is. Nothing sugar coated in this movie, not an ounce of shame whatsoever. The Aliens killed everything; children, hobos, pregnant women, animals,and the national guard. If it breathed it became victim to: Decapitation, Facehugging, chest-bursting, and a very unorthodox form of Alien reproduction, Belly-bursting.

There were no surviving Predators on the craft but they did manage to send out a signal which brought a Hunter from the Predator Homeworld to Earth. It was cool to be able to see the Predator homeworld and get more depth on their technology and architecture. What also made this movie live up to its title was the fact that the predator did not team up with humans in that dramatic lets have a moment everytime we kill something sort of way. Just as inthe game, and comics it was an all out battle royale, Aliens eating everything, Predator doing all of the hunting, and humans just trying to survive.

All in all it was a great flick, that unfortunately wont bring in much profit, because not many people know the movie is out. SO hopefully this small review will intrigue enough of you to check this film out, because it made its predecessor look like a sci-fi version of titanic.

Porn on PS3?

The format war has been raging for quite some time now, with HD-DVD supposedly taking a substantial lead with Paramount deciding to support it exclusively. However as much of a victory as this seemed to be, an even bigger giant, which has cast its shadow over just about every production company in the movie business, has decided to dabble in Blu-ray technology. We know them as the porn industry.

For awhile now the porn industry has been supporting HD-DVD exclusively due to low production costs, but more importantly its because the father's of Blu-ray have tried to keep the format "Decent". Apparantly they got over thier scruples when they noticed just how deep the pockets are on the flesh factories, and have decided to let them put their rowdy movies on the disc. So far only a few number of companies have actually published Blu-ray movies, Digital Playground has released Pirates, which is loosely based on Treasure Island from what I understand, I thought it might be a parody of Johny Depps movie, but I guess Im wrong. Also available from Vivid is "Debbie Does Dallas".

How this well affect PS3 Owners well only time will tell. Im sure Sony is already implementing firmware updates that will prevent such movies from being played on its celibate system.

Is this a slam against HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray, well Im not too sure since the Industry did not choose one or the other. They are continuing to produce films for HD-DVD, and are just adapting the Blu-ray into their disfunctional family. So any thoughts?

Armored Core 4 Rocks


    Well Ive actually had Armored Core 4 for awhile now, but I figured Idsay something about it. I just finished the endmission a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say this game is awesome! Its definitely the best mech game Ive played next to ZOE the second runner. I suppose you could class me as an "Original" seeing how I played all of the armored cores prior to four, but man the new dash systems really make this game exciting. The only thing I found really dissapointing was the fact that the one on one battles were extremely short. The longest one I fought was against Amazigh and that was 45 seconds. The one on one battles were what really got me into Armored core in the first place and its a real shame they picked quantity over quality this time. I didnt even have to use different  maps. Although I think the new dash and slash effects were really gratifying. Especially on the queens Lance mission when I had to dodge all the battle ships and just slice a hole in the main ship...yeah pretty sweet. All in all it was definitely worth the 49.99. A must have for mech fans.

Got a 360...

  So I went out a couple of days ago and picked a 360. The full packaged one not the core thing. I also picked up Gears of War and Dead Rising. Gears of War I have to admit was one of the best adventure games I've ever played, next to God of War which will always be my favorite. It looked amazing, to the point where I didnt recognize that a CG sequence had just passed by. The details are great too.

   Dead rising is probably one of the funniest games I've ever played too. I love being able to impale a zombie with a giant lipstick display, or run them down with a lawn mower. The only problems with that game are that the weapons break to quickly and the zombies respawn almost instantly. You cant clear a room at all, and on top of that, Odis keeps calling at the worst times. But it was fun.

   Now I have the problem of finding more games to play. I want Lost Planet, and Rainbow Six, but other than that Im still pretty bummed with the selection. The system itself is pretty cool, and definitely caters to people who cant get up from the couch and turn off the thing. Setting up live was a pain in the butt  and reminds me too much of windows vista, with all the updates, and restarting, but once everything was said and done, the multiplayer is a real treat. Even if its not cheap.

   My only big problem with the system is that the subtitles are extremely f-ing small. It was only a moderate problem with Gears because of the excellent voice acting. But with dead rising it was a real pain in the A$$! I couldnt read a thing. I hope that its a settings problem and that I dont have to buy a 50" plasma tv or something, cuz im still saving up for that. But since my PS3 doesnt have that problem It must be a settings thing right? because thats a little more than a minor annoyance to me.

  Anyway as a sony fan I have to say the 360 is definitely a snazzy system and I cant wait to get my hands on Halo Wars, and Lost Planet. Plus the whole black and white thing is looking really good in my entertainment center. But yeah now I just gotta save up for a cooler TV and convince my room mate to buy a Wii so I wont have to.

The Trailer

Well its not really a trailer its more just a render test that last 6 seconds. I finished it a little while ago, and Im pleased with how it turned out. The quality is a little low on gamespot which is a shame but you can still see how everything looks so thats good. The game is going to look 30 times better than that, but I needed to put something together in 2 months to show that Im really serious about my game. I will be developing Children of Terra and I hope that people will play it, enjoy it, hate it, and talk about it for months or years to come.

The game itself is at the very skeleton of its developement right now since I only have a skeleton crew working on it. I dont have the luxury of a multi million dollar gaming company...but I hope to one day. And I hope to bring amazing games to your door. And they wont all be just RTS I've actually got another game sketched out in my head for Head Hunter Softwork's next project after COT, but thats a far future, and I wont speak of it now, or even tink about it because I have to devote all my creative process on COT.

But hey if you guys want to help out in anyway feel free. Id love to get some concept art, story boards, anything and everything. Ive gotten some really cool Ideas from other gamers like you, and even just normal writers, artists etc. Hell I even got a really cool political Point of View from my state's House Representative of how a Terran Conglomerate could be run. I have to say it was pretty helpful since Political science was never my cup of tea. Anyway I and the rest of my little team are very excited about COT and I like the ability odf being able to share it with all of you. 

Almost finished

Well its been a long time coming, but I must say the progress has been amazing. Cheers for student developers! Anyway The website is up but it still needs some tweaking and there might be some design changes, but you can still look at it:

Also the Trailer will be finished and posted as a user video on Tuesday, so that should be fun, I have it clocked at 8 seconds instead of the original 6. Yeah I know its a teaser trailer taken to a ridiculous new level, but bear with me. The end of the year shall bear more fruit!!

Can One Man Do the Work Of a Development Team?

Yes it is entirely possible. Would he want to...hell no! Funny thing about game developing and 3D developing in general is its just like one big assembly line. You got the guys who draw everything out, and come up with all the concepts for the idea. I feel sorry for these guys the most. Noone has more torn up pieces of paper in his trash can or floor, nor can anyone compete with the amount of coffee consumed, nor the amount of agonizing meetings that they must endure. Then you got one to six guys per team modeling the different aspects and making the 2D drawings come to digital life. You got two-three guys minimum working on characters, and settings and such, and then they all put it together in the end and wonder why no one talked to each other more.  Now one guy could do all that, and they tend to make some great games...short but great. And sometimes I wonder if Paper Mario wasnt  made by just one guy. But when you deal with 3d modeling programs like Maya and 3D studio max, youll definitely want a helping hand, specially when your making rooms and the world in general, because you have to model every seperate tree, every seperate chair and then introduce them into the world after you finished rendering and making that. Very fun stuff, but also extremely tedious. Its going to take me a month to finish one room.

Children Of Terra Underway

Well today is the day I begin working on the first teaser trailer for my new Epic Real-Time strategy game. Sadly it will onky be six seconds long and have no sound or any of the characters of the game...but it will show off the technology I will be using to develop the game, the mood that you can expect from one of the playable factions, and best of all the awesome Senate Imperius (Galaxy Room) Which is the Imperial Senate chamber which houses a small interactive galaxy. I have the rest of my crew working on concept art for the eight selectable generals, the Emperor, and the people of The Terran Conglomerate. Its barely materializing from its concept and developement phase, but its getting there. I expect by the end of the year I will have a full 1:16 second trailer with sound, and characters as well as many gameplay elements. Also in November I will have a website with all of the concept art, the story, and of courseour feeble six second tease...The epitome of tease actually.... Anyway Ill be keeping you posted as time progresses.