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Today is my Birthday

For anyone that didnt knew that,today is my birthday and now i BECOME 16 years old.Yesterday i played for my first time PAINTBALL and it was perfect.I "killed" 7 peaple and i died only 2 times.The game was divided from 3 parts.The first part was to exterminate all the enemies,the second was to capture the flag and the final part was to take the flag of the oposite base.We was about 11 soldiers 5-6(we was 5) and we won 6-0!I will never forget this day and maybe the following month we will go again!!!


But my real birthday is on 4 OF MARCH AND 1 OF 1MARCH IS MY ID

My posting history

I have very bad posting history and i dont know what to do.If i do something bad i may banned for ever.Anyone know if the Posting history will sometime removed and start from the begin ?

killzone and fear 2

Yesterday i played those two games demo on ps3 of my brother and there were awersome.Many kills amazing grafics and perfect sound.I LOVE SHOOTING GAMES !!!!!!


ps2 games

I have 42 ps2 games and i dont know what to do.i found someone that it takes my games for $10 each.I love very much those games and i spent a lot of money and time with it.What is your opinion about this ?Is better to sell or keep them :question:

i dont banned yet

Hi guys,i dont banned yet.I was suspended for tree days becouse i was making topics in a wrong place:cry: .if i do that again i will suspended for ever.So i made a new account and i tracked all of you ''BadMotorhead'' .SO I AM BACK

Exams OVER !!!!

Finaly i gave my exams of CORE MATHIMATICS and it was too easy.Sorry that i didnt visiting gamespot for a little time but now I AM BACK :)

I NEED a PS4 !!!!!

I AM BORED playing the same games on ps2 and there arent any other games that i like to buy.Also i cant buy a ps3 becouse my brother has one and also i will never buy xbox,becouse i am a playstation FUN.When you will come ps4 when????.OHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT I SHOULD DO?????:|

Christmas coming

CHRISTMAS Coming and i have many things to do.

First of all i have to buy a NEW PC and I NEED IT SOON!!!!!!!!Also there are some games that need me and i cant buy it.This CHRISTMAS i will destroy all the stores and spend all money i have or not ON IT.:P

I have a problem

My problem is that i need to play a game online and i need a code.This code is in a small book with the ps2 slim.Anyone have a  ps2 slim and this small book,please help me.ALSO the ps2 slim should be europe edition.:|

This is the last year of PS2 consol

Sorry that i tell this but finaly this year will be the last for ps2 :cry:.This consol made me to love video games.I bought this console since 2003 and it was fantastic.I was playing with it and i never but never feel boring.GOOD BYE PS2!!!

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