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Top video game sales companies profits

These are some statistics about all money that a video game company won or lost in 2009


Revenue: $1.4 billion

Net income: $148.23 million

Employees: 5750


Revenue: $19.4 billion

Net income: $2.95 billion

Employees: 4130


Revenue: $830 million

Net income: -$431.1 million

Employees:2110(in 2007)


Revenue: $1.64 billion

Net income: $95.5 million

Employees: 3127

Microsoft Game Studios

Revenue: $60.4 billion

Net income: $14.7 billion

Employees: 89809

Sony Computer Entertainment

Revenue: $10.7 billion

Net income: $?

Employees: 1300


Revenue: $1.04 billion

Net income: $801 million

Employees: ?


Revenue: $5 billion

Net income: $?

Employees: 7000

Electronic Arts

Revenue: $2.8 billion

Net income: $350 million

Employees: 7320

Square Enix

Revenue: $1.49 billion

Net income: $86 million

Employees: 2952


Revenue: $3.24 billion

Net income:$113 million

Employees:5180(in 2007)


Revenue: $824 million

Net income: $81.1 million

Employees: 1206

Eidos (before got sold to square enix)(in 2006)

Revenue: $179.1 million

Net income: $8.1 million

Employees: 600

The best game saled in 2009 is

Call of duty Modern warfare 2 with more than

13 million copies sold on ps3,xbox 360 and pc

LIst of games you must buy this CHRISTMAS

Action adventure:

a)Assassin's Creed II

  • Huge, beautifully realized world to explore
  • Ezio is a terrific new character
  • Tombs put a spotlight on the excellent and enjoyable platforming
  • A greater variety of missions, weapons, and stealth techniques than in the original
  • Incredible production values.


  • Moving around the city is easy and exciting
  • Fast combat with a variety of awesome powers
  • Engrossing story with interesting characters
  • Powerful moral choices
  • Great pacing and lots of different mission types.

c)Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Exciting, brilliantly paced adventure
  • Excellent, varied combat
  • Thrilling acrobatics and exploration
  • Fun and intense co-op
  • Joyous multiplayer complete with a perks system.

d)Resident Evil 5

  • Beautifully detailed graphics and character animations
  • Having a partner enhances the fun and excitement while adding tension
  • Real-time menu system keeps you immersed
  • Plenty to do once you've beaten it.

e)Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Superb character-driven story
  • Liberty City really does feel alive
  • Multiplayer modes that let 16 players go wild across the entire city
  • Genuinely funny radio and TV shows, comedy acts, and character dialogue
  • Controls are much improved over previous games.

First person shooter:

a)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • Intense, action-packed campaign
  • Engaging cooperative missions
  • Richer, deeper, more rewarding competitive multiplayer.

b)Left 4 Dead 2

  • New campaigns are very well designed
  • Explosive new guns and deadly new melee weapons
  • Scavenge mode is a great short-form Versus mode
  • New survivors have more character, and new infected have fun abilities
  • Realism mode delivers a new level of tension.

c)Killzone 2

  • Well-paced campaign keeps you in the thick of action
  • Great online play constantly rewards you
  • Intricate, balanced multiplayer maps
  • Weapons are beefy and fun to shoot
  • Visually stunning, both technically and artistically.


  • You shoot hordes of decaying zombies, creepy demons, and hulking bosses
  • Demonic glove makes for fun melee combat
  • Cool occult atmosphere
  • You ride around on a dragon.

e)Halo 3: ODST

  • Firefight mode is a blast
  • Campaign is well-paced, with tons of great moments
  • The between level sections are moody and engaging
  • Same great multiplayer from Halo 3, with three new maps
  • No Flood.


a)Burnout Paradise

  • Party mode minigames are great with friends
  • Bikes and night racing offer plenty of variety
  • Racing and wrecking are still awesome
  • Open-world design creates a great sense of destructive freedom
  • Online functionality is seamless and addictive.

b)DiRT 2

  • Variable difficulty caters to players of all skill levels
  • Lengthy career mode is tough to put down
  • Multiplayer is lag-free and loads of fun
  • Audio and visual presentation is superb.

c)Need for Speed: Shift

  • Makes a point of rewarding you, regardless of your driving ****
  • Very good assortment of tracks
  • Sense of speed borders on scary at times.


  • Plenty of racing disciplines and locations
  • Accessible and rewarding career mode
  • Excellent online lobby system
  • Superb graphics and presentation.


Are you clever enough?

Answer to this question:

In some horror films huge creatures several meters high are depicted as scaled up versions of common creatures,e.g spiders.Explain why such creatures could not exist on Earth,though they might have developed on a planet with a mush smaller gravitational field strength at its surface.

physic answer

Do you have ps2 slim?

Do you have ps2 slim and you dont playing it anymore?If yes please read this:

Becouse there is no help from socom community in socom combined assault anymore,i took the advandage to help people that want to play socom ca by making to them accounts,giving advices,teaching to them how to play and many many other things.From you, i want only a 14-number code that comes in a small book in ps2 slim.With this code i will be able to make more accounts so bring more players to socom combined assault.I dont win any money or any thing else by doing this,i am just doing this only becouse I LOVE SOCOM!Please i need your help!

you can send me the code with a private message here or to

School 2009-2010

Hi guys,the schools have opened(5 days ago and i am ready for more study in this year :cry: ,becouse this year is very important for my future.I will try hard for good grades and i wish to have a happy year!Have a nice day !

Socom Confrontation patch 1.60

New patch is coming for socom confrontation

  • If your region is set to Europe, you will only see the 'EU' lobbies in the channel list. However there will be one or two channels reserved for global play that will have no regional restrictions. Europeans will not be able to see the US lobbies and vice versa, so those lobbies are effectively region locked.

Patch release info will be released in due course, when the producers can be sure the patch is going to be ready...

These words are from

Shijima(European SOCOM & MAG Franchise Producer)By Motorhead_CY

Exams results ARE BAD

I took today my exams results on GCE Core Mathematics.

C2: 71/100

C3: 63/100

if you remember i take C1: 80/100



Back from Holidays

Hallo men,i am back from my little holidays in Paphos(coral bay).

I spent a great time there swimming and having fun but the hotel was very bad.The rooms were very dirty and the food was very expensive.The tennis court was smashed and the trees were like a jungle.

These photos were about the hotel,how must be:





And these photos,how it was:



ALL This WERE next to my room




Also the rooms was very small and dirty insite.

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