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    Danny is like a guy with no girlfriend and a years supply of hand lotion making a speech about how Valentines Day is an exercise in crass commercialism.

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    @halflight87 said:This is why we pirate :)Dude, the fact that you Pirate makes PC sales so low that bug testing is a low priority. Consoles get Development focus because of higher sales.

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    The War on Shang Continues

    The Epic War os Troll vs Troll enters its second year. Shang the coward, got his ass kicked and is now in hiding and avoiding further fights for now.

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    Hacker Jerks are Destroying GTA Online

    They are firing explosives from their fingertips. They are shooting guns that cause any surface they hit to spew fire. They are Hacking the fighter Jets so they fire explosive bullets and rapid fire...