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Back after 2 years

So here I am

After 2 years of studying for university....I was at last accepted in civil engineering

I'm back to GameSpot

I've missed all m friends here



I will be goung to a trip with my school next week. So I might not be able to check my GS. This is a special blog. You can ask me any question about me,my personality,my life... And I'll try to answer. Sorry but I'm not going to answer very very personal questions. I'll be waiting for your questions. ;)

Who I am2

Hi everyone. here are my hobbies; :) *GS :) *video games(PC) :) *English class. *learning german(I haven't started ot yet.) *reading magzines about warfare and weapons. *finding friends. *music,Avril Lavigne,System of a down,Evanesence,Breakin benjamin,metallica,britney spears,... *I don't play any instruments but I went to a guitar class when I was year 5 *SHOPPING(I really love it) clothes,things like perfumes,toys(not for playing,just decoration),PC games,chocolate,books,... Thing I HATE :( :( My mathematics teacher. :( School :( HW :( being called a child!because I seem younger! :( exams :( one of my fanatic classmates. If you want to know more about me,read the part1 of this blog.

Who I am!

*I am a boy from Iran. *I am 16 *I lived in Britain for 3 years. *I hate school!(condition here is really unbearable for me) *I love weapons. *I know many facts about the history of the third reich and WWII!(from school project) *I like Avril Lavignes songs. *I'm not athiest but I don't believe in religion neither. *I seem younger from my age. *I want to become a civil engineer. *I am really dependent on my parents! *I have a PC,Nokia N73,HTC HD2. *I am 65Kg.I think I'm normal. *I am 1.85m long. *I've been to many countries such as Malasya,Uk,Turkey,... *Sirmilad is my friend and classmate. What do you think about me?

Level and comment

Hi. First I want to thank all of my friends who helped me reach level 11 in gamespot. there are 3 thing I need help with in GS. *does anyone know how I can get new achivements? *If you know any unions I might be intrested in,please tell me. *I don't see any comments in my uploaded images. If they are not interesting or good,please tell me. I hope to see your comments in my images too. thank you for reading. MHA2010

MY GS changes

I've changed my user image to a tank. It's a Panzer IV (WWII) I really like this tank because of it's success during WWII. changed my banner again. nothing special,only it has my name on it. I am getting near level 11. I'll be uploading more images soon. so,what do you think about my user changes?


I am going to have the most important exams of my life in 4 months! All we do here in schools of Iran is to give exams! I really don't have the time for anything! Life is so ordinary these days! wake up,go to school(used to love it,not anymore),come home,study,go to GS,study,listen to music,sleep! I guess life can never be great in here! I don't see any happiness in Iranian boys! every one seem to be depressed! Even me! ofcourse I have started solving these priblems but,haven't gone far yet! I hope it becomes better when I start university. how is your life?

Last week of school quizes

This week is the last week of the first term quizes in my school. I'm really worried of my results!:O the last one is on Thursday. :) I've been working hard for them,mabe that's why I expect a good result. There is some good news for my life too! 1.After the quizes school will become much easier than the first term. 2.I've gathered enough money to buy an external hard drive for my PC. I'm really sad to hear what happened to Australia. I wish the flood problem to be solved soon. sorry if I'm not very good in English! I'm trying to improve it.It takes time for me to become better in english. thank you for reading this blog.

Last school week

This week will be my last week in school until the end of our first term! after this week,we will have exams for about 20 days(about12 exams) and then the second term will start. There are no breaks until summer and the new year for us! so during this month I might come less to gamespot. happy christmas. ;-)

New banner

Hi I decided to change my banner a few days ago. The new one is a picture of the STG44. A German gun that was the base of many other weapons like AK47. During WWII this weapon was designed to replace the MP40 and be powerful and simple.
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