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MGSsuperfan Blog

Im sorry

Everyone who had a negative comment on my last blog will unfourtunatley be removed from my tracked list. So this is to everyone who commented on my last blog. Ive had a terrible life, and Slyfur, she just made it worse. If you've changed your mind about about being friends with a cyber-bully, then PM me and I will start tracking you again. So goodbye, but it might not be forever ;)

new sig

Mr_Jenkins made me a new sig socheck it out by looking at one of my posts

It's not you, it's me. Naw, it is you


Got a photobucket account

Just got 1. My username is 13371l_l1z. I dont have much pics there but i will put more on there.Im done here.

Its not you, its me. Naw, it is you


Iz maid a miztaik

Yea I accidently messed up. In my last blog i mentioned invites were being sent on the 24th, well im rescheduling cuz its my idiot bros b-day. So im rescheduling to july 5th and i wont post any blogs till july 6th so you can comment on this blog or the preivouis one to join so im ending this blog.

Its not you, its me. Naw im just kidding it is you.-a quote from pspitus


My new union sign-ups...

OK this blog is especially for my tracked peeps. Well i want them to help me out here. And if you comment in this blog you WILL be a charter member. Ok i bet your wondering what this union is about, well its about Super Smash Bros!!! I need 4 ppl and i will be sending out the invites in 1 week! (june 24th). So anyone who comments on this blog will get a invite from me. So this was a pretty long blog, by my standards. And a recap, IF YOU COMMENT, U INVITED!!!!! And please join, alsothe union name will be Great Brawlers United



1337 names!

this is me typing ppls names in 1337s where u use symbols on your keyboard as letters

and dont use the @ symbol cuz it links it

MGSsuperfan: M655up3rfa/\/

Aidan129: A|da/\/129

Courtney817: C0ur7n3y817

Slyfur: S1yf|_|r

pspitus: p5p|7|_|5

stalpno: 57a1p/\/o

Well thats it



June 7th was....

The last day of school!! I am so happy its over and i get to spend 2 and a half months of doing NOTHING!!! So haha to every 1 who cant get out yet (im talking bout u courtney, no offense to anyone) So todays blog is very short so..



My fav song is....

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem

Yea it really is and heres a cupl of verses of it,

"O wait Owait, he didnt just say what i think he did, did he? And Dr.Dre said, nothin u idiots, Dr.Dre's dead, he locked in my basement, HaHa *turntable* Eminem *turntables* Slim shady, im sicko him, look at em, walkin around grabbin his u know what, flippin to u know who *girl voice* yea but hes so cute though *slim voice* yea i probably got a couple of screws up in ma head lose but no worse than wuts goin on in ya parent's bedrooms

And that is all, but search the video on utube




Well ive been active on poptropica lately. And also this is a pic of my character Poptropica user

JK its my bros! But if you see me i will be wearing the prom king hat and some wings

BYEZ!! ~MGSsuperfan

School today

School was crappy as usual today and we did somethin special. We had junior acheivment and also i postaed a video on here today and if it somehow seems wierd when you look at this blog its cause im usin my grandmas home computer. Cuz my mom needs to cash a check and she doesnt have a checking account. So my grandma and grandpa are gonna cash it. And im lucky cuz we'll go to mikyd's (mcdonalds) as soon as we leave. Well im gonna go.



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