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Hi Tom! Gamecube wise definitely go for Eternal Darkness, the Resident Evil remake is pretty damn impressive even by today's standards and Resident Evil: Zero is also pretty solid (strange gameplay mechanics aside). For Xbox 360 I would recommend Alan Wake, not exactly pant-destroyingly scary but very spooky/atmospheric with plenty of suspense. If you want unreliable controls (?) and would like to see a weirder side of the genre check out Deadly Premonition. Easily one of the most original and memorable games of recent times, with as many genuinely hilarious moments as there are terrifying ones. The Condemned games are great on the 360, very visceral and violent but with lots of atmosphere. The Nintendo 64 doesn't have many notable survival horror games. Resident Evil 2 being the obvious one but Nightmare Creatures is also there if you want something along the lines of a Gothic hack 'n' slash title. The best survival horror titles in my opinion live on the PS2. Depending on where you are in the world they can usually be picked up pretty cheap, and the games (a few exceptions aside) can also be picked up for peanuts. Backwards compatibility for PS1 horror games doesn't hurt either! -Fergus