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Yes... I am alive. Info: Video Blog

Okay. Despite what some may say, or may have thought, the great (or maybe not?) Marc is still alive. Been playing some old games. Man, it always seems like I'm about 3 to 6 months behind everybody else in the games division. Ofcourse, I've been playing WoW. And though there are already level 70's, the burning crusade expansion really up's the ante. Fresh Breath, of New Air.


I've been wanting to do a video blog, but I don't have a webcam... :(, thats definetly on the list alongside more RAM for me comp.


And another reason I haven't had much time to spreck my piece of GS is: If you may remember, I fell into some harsh times before. Real bad. Worse than i could describe. And I've literally worked my balls off, I think I have maybe 30% of both, give or take a bit. Okay, not literally. But its been hardcore. But other than that, I'm frackin' doing awesome. I've really made a comeback since my setback. 


Now its time to get caught up. First game... (YES, I KNOW, ITS A LITTLE OLD NOW) C&C3!!!

Pce out all. Sorry again for not posting sooner.