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Update* Things are going alright, and okay.

Well, life took a bit of a turn for the better. Things got a little more straightened out, and a LOT more manageable.

Been playing some Steam Games, mainly HL2 Mods with Ezra1.

I thought I'd share with you guys a Rag-Doll Death I landed from a swift shot to the head. Made me chuckle. Notice I only had 1 Second before it would've went away. Good thing I caught it. Enjoy.

Games I've been playing Online:

  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (with Primal Hunt Expansion)

  • Eternal Silence (Team-Based Objective Mod for HL2) *Shown in Picture*

  • Synergy Mod (Co-Op Mod for HL2, Single-Player and Custom Maps)

  • Goldeneye Source (Need I say more? Best remake mod I've ever seen. Looking forward to Perfect Dark Source)

Thanks for your time all. Pray that things re-stabalize fully. ~Marc, or MB_E102, signing out.