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[UPDATE] Bioshock Demo kicked my computers @$$ and iTunes ate my music!!!

Well, it more or less took a big boot to its... CRUM...

Good news is, my computer defaults everything to High, well, except for the Direct X 10 jazz, obviously. But... unfortunetly... it drinks my Frames Per Second like a sweaty farmer drinks some wicked nice Lemonade...

And EVEN better news is, I CAN PLAY THE GAME WITH NO SLOW DOWN AT 640x480x32... yay.... not really.

XBox 360... you have won this round! Unreal Engine 3, you scare computers!

And I hate iTunes, so damn much!!! Most useless piece of software EVER!!! Grr!

~ROUGHLY 10 MINUTES LATER~ HAHA, iTunes can delete my music, but it can't empty my recycle bin!!! Eat that Mac!