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My First Console... in about 3 Years

My first console. Yes. Its been almost 3 years. And oh, how I can tell I've missed it. I went out, and just BOUGHT it. No second thoughts, nothing. THEE NINTENDO DS LITE!!! And I freaking love it!!! I got two DS games and an Advance Game: Animal Crossing: Wide World, Pokemon Diamon (BEST GAME I'VE PLAYED IN A WHILE!!! I SH!T YOU NOT!), and Super Mario Advance 4?: Yoshi's Island.

As for Pokemon Diamond. I have played a Pokemon game since Silver. So, it may seem like the "Same ol' Same ol', more or less, blah blah blah..." but there is something about Pokemon, that I can just pick-up, play, and enjoy. And I am. Took the game out of the box, and about 5 hours later, yeah, 5 hours LATER!!!! I finally shut it off. The game is everything I ever wanted Pokemon to be, and since its been so long... there are so many new things. My gawd!!! Its just a fun game.

And as for Animal Crossing... ITS ANIMAL CROSSING!!! The cutesy, fun, cuddly, teady-bear-loving, absolutely 'The Sims'-Ass-Kickingly awesome atmosphere. I like how the map isn't tiled, like the old Zelda games. Its a little more difficult to figure out where things are, but, I've finished Tom Nook's crap, and, now its just off to paying off my House.

Lastly, but, not leastly, Super Mario Advance (screw the damn number) Yoshi's Island was one of my favourite games on the SNES. And even though things are a little bit different playing it on the DS, its still an enjoyable game. Funny, how my favourite Mario game period doesn't actually have Mario-a jumpin, smashin, and crackin the skulls of various baddies, and rather a green version of barney with a saddle saudered to his back slurping crap and screaming bum as if he was trying to tell you to stop making him birth Eggs from his Dino Anus. But, all in all, its still a loveable game.

Anyways, my next post will be to Post my friends link thingy... still haven't figured out all that jazz.

Over, out, and until next time:

MB_E102, aka. ~mArc