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I... I Live AGAIN!!!

OH, Gamespot. Have I neglected you? No... oh no. Not at all. Sometimes I still check the site. I just, well... honestly, haven't had much time. To do much of anything.

I've been working a lot. Tons in fact. Though, it never seems like its enough work... life is still hard, still poor. Work is still hard, yet, less fruitful. I'm going to be heading to a camp... no, no final solution here. Just an oil workers camp. Will I be working with oil? Hells naw!

But I will be pulling in... $3000+ every 3 Weeks!!! Which means, no more poor.

My shifts are 12 on, 12 off (obviously lol, there are only 24 hours in a day), and all I have to do is make beds, and empty garbages. Which... I don't think is too hard lol. Catch 22 is I'll be spending 3 weeks out there, with one week off. So, I'll have quite a bit more gaming time... once I get a laptop... :( I can't bring any consoles out there, and even if I could, I couldn't bring Halo 3 to play XBox Live with all you guys sadly.

Anyways, thats the update for now. Talk back in a little bit.

Marc, aka. MB_E102