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HALO 2/FPS'... XBox 360, Vista... XP?!

Well, since Bioshock has brought... err, quite the shock to the XBox 360, as high profile first-person shooters tend to do with Microsoft's beloved Mothership aka. the XBox 360, bringing it back to the second iteration of what really put Microsoft's and it's flag-ship, first born, the XBox aka. The Big Black Green Machine, into the fray is Halo.

Now, we're talking about Halo 2, not on XBox 360, and no, not on Vista, I'm talking about XP. How'd I do it? I'd rather not say, thanks. Sort of against the terms and all that fancy jazz. But why am I bringing it up? Well, Halo started out as a RTS on the iMac, then a 3rd Person Shooter, then a first person shooter on the PC, and then was retooled, and redone in a lot of ways for the XBox, with the PC seeing its version 2 years later.

But why? I've played a good 3 hours of Halo 2 on XP, 1 and a bit of it on Windows Vista Home Premium, and have beaten the game on XBox. I played the game with the Mouse/Keyboard Configuration, and plugged the XBox 360 Controller in for good measure. Just to see both sides of the story.

The performance difference between the XBox/360, XP, and Vista, usually depends on the Hardware. But as it stands, the best and most shining example of playing Halo 2 is actually on where its not supposed to be played. Halo 2 is just for Vista, just like Halo: Combat Evolved saw more consoles and platforms than a dirty hooker. And though Halo 2 on Vista may utilize the hardware, and performance according to what you have, the Vista/Windows Gaming Platform just isn't ready... well, no one's hardware really is, but thats not really our fault. Halo 2 on XP takes less Visual Spizazz from your Video Card, uses less RAM, and reads and writes to your hard drive (checkpoints and load times) a lot faster than Vista, because XP just requires less.

And to be honest: The Controller is a load of crock! If it weren't for Bungie's patented "Sticky Aim" FPS Software, the only thing I'd be able to do with the damn controller is make myself dizzy. Going from a Flat Tubed 20" TV, to a brand-spanking new 20" Samsung Syncmaster TFT-LCD Monitor, playing the game at a 1680x1050 (Wide) Resolution on High beats the console experience, hands-down. Not because of the graphics you see. And no, not because the keyboard/mouse beats the controller. Its the fact that one hand is your head, the other your movements, the screen, your eyes.

So now that jimbo, and I'm sure EightBit, and every other XBox 360 owner here on GS is diving, literally, into Bioshock, the System Shock of today... I'm going to be playing it on my computer... enjoying it? Well, thats up to the gameplay, feeling it? Your damn rights.

But, to keep it easy peasy, the XBox 360 is... VERY, EXTREMELY, USER-Friendly!!! And I'll be getting a 360 Elite by December, so, see you on XBox Live then, until then, catch 'round on GS.

Marc, aka. MB_E102!