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Doing Good, Bad, and Ugly

Well, things messed up, but, they inadvertantly got better... odd, I know. But, despite some slight downs, things have been good. Haven't been able to play many games though. Though I did get to the C&C3 Demo.

I was, impressed? Uhhh, I guess you could say that. But honestly, save for the return to the good ol' NOD vs. GDI (vs. Scrin) formula and units and classic fun, it just looks like a better looking mod for C&C Generals. Though not being a bad game in any respect, I'm really hoping things pan out a lot better so that C&C 3 isn't just C&C Generals: Tiberium Mod or whatever.

Anyways, I'm out guys. Hope you're all kicking some @$$ and keeping it real. I'll check ya again latez. Sorry about not updating sooner. Oh, and once again, for the amazing support from the community before... I'm truly indebted to your kindness all. Thanks so much.