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Wow, its been a while.

And, I mean A LONG WHILE. lol, check my last one . Back in the day... well, my goal's up next... are to up my level, write reviews for all the games I've scored, and to just contribute more overall. And if anybody would like any help with post-production, I don't mind using my spare time to help ya :)!

MB... out. 8)

The Battle rages on...

*sigh*, all these battles. Iwo Jima, Stalingrad, Wake Island, Berlin all the way to City 17... Playing Demos passes the time, all the blood-shed and bomb shells seem to creep around me at night. And the wierd little effect the striders have when your graphics card is good, has kept me cleaning the drool off my floor. Despite its oldness, I still wreak havok on the 70$ purchase that I put down on Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. A waste of money, considering I could have gotten the game for 10, but I'm proud. I'd only play it on pc, and heres why:

Shift, +, ~
(and for good measure)
g_saberrealisticcombat 1

Theres been nothing more rewarding in any game than to just walk up to a Storm Trooper, and oops, the Lightsaber went in his stomach, and watch as he falls to all the pieces you'd never thought possible.