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The History of my Computer Ownership (Post your old comp specs in comments!)

1st Computer!
- Pentium III @ 1GHz, 256MB RAM, 32MB Intel Onboard Video, 30GB Hard Drive.

2nd Computer!
- AMD Duron @ 1.1GHz, 256MB RAM, 32MB GeForce2 MX400, 20GB Hard Drive.

3rd Computer!
- Pentium 4HT @ 3.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 128MB Sapphire Radeon 9200, 150GB Hard Drive.

4th Computer!
- Pentium III @ 700MHz, 64MB RAM (Upgraded to 256MB later), (1st Video Card: nVidia RivaTNT 32MB, 2nd Video Card: 64MB GeForce4 MX4000), 2 HD's, 5GB, and 10GB.

5th Computer!
Toshiba Laptop
- Intel Centrino @ 1.6GHz, 512MB RAM, 64MB Intel Onboard Video, 60GB Hard Drive.

6th, and Final Computer!
Dell, Dimension C521
- AMD Sempron @ 3.4GHz (Overclocked from 1.8GHz), 512MB RAM, 128MB ATi Radeon X1300, 80GB Hard Drive.

Show off your Old to New: Format - Same as mine. Just keep it simple, Processor and Clock Speed, Memory in MB's, Vid Card, then Hard Drive Space. I'm interested to hear what you guys've got!!!

I'm Back, and with a New Computer t'boot!

OH YA!!! Seems as if its been forever. While I was away, my poor World of Warcraft account ran out of time. Grrr... *wort wort*.

Anyways, my $60.00 Canadian, Dell Computer got here lol. Here are the specs!

- AMD Sempron 3400+ @ 1.8GHz, now Overclocked to 3.4GHz :shock:!!!
- ATi Radeon X1300 128MB, soon to be Overclocked! (Use ATi Overdrive, ATi promotes Overclocking on more recent models, so they'll replace it if you burn it out. Be careful though!)
- 512MB DDR400 RAM... :cry:, I wanted the 1GB upgrade, but my credit card was prepaid and I didn't have enough time to run back and put more on it...
- 80GB Hard Drive, don't know why... but... it seems really slow... oh well.
- nVidia nForce 590 Motherboard... (I know, ATi with nVidia... just don't ask...).

Not the greatest of the great, but this baby is a pusher, and its out performed all but one of my 5 computers I've owned in the last 3 years.

The Level of Never-Ending Unleveling!

Whats with this? I've been freaking 20 forever. I heard there was a flaw a little while ago, like, 3 levels ago, and that was a while. Man, I really wish they'd fix that. No use sitting on a log when thats not where you're trying to go. Word to Gamespot, please, free me from this chamber!

Balancing Games with Life.

Okay, well, not exactly life. I guess, just responsibilities. Ya, I have a little trouble from time to time. But, honestly, if you kinda go down the pyramid of playing games, you playing and whenever you are, enjoying them being at the top you really start to see just how important... even doing the dishes really is.

So, we'll start at the top. I'm not gonna center this, so, just look at it with a list, and the list being heiarchy, the lower and more basic equals the more important.

- Playing games = Wheeee (Not Nintendo new console)
- Growing in skill, curiosity, independance, individually, artistically, intellectually, emotionally, etc.
- Making appointments within those relationships to ensure you are prompt and reliable for everybody, and yourself.
- Creating relationships with others, casual and private.
- Creating and/or maintaining indepedance, finacially, emotionally, etc.
- Working and earning money.
- Maintaining yourself and your personal space and equity (eating, shaving [if you do], smelling decent, cleaning)

THIS IS NOT A THERAPY SESSION, NO COUNCILLING!!! But think about it. Its amazing how simple things, putting your mind to things not only sustains you and your playing habits, but it can make you a better gamer overall. Keeping yourself clean and tidy can relate to, an RPG for example. WoW, keeping your boxes and inventory and skills in a working fashion, organized and decently tidy.

Working and earning money creates a sense of rewarding yourself, it really does, and being able to use that to further yourself in anyway you like, furniture, clothing, also makes you learn how to budget, when in whatever game your playing, having enough money for a better weapon, or efficiently spreading your wealth out in Counter Strike so that your team isn't stuck with basic weapons, or no ammo for them if worst come to worst becomes moderatly crucial. And remember, No Money, No House, No Games.

Creating and/or maintaining the basics that are not physically your's, such as your independance, helps create a sense of reliability and confidence, because whether your on a huge battlefield surrounded by 31 or 63 of your comrads in Battlefield, sometimes, when it comes down to it, you may be the only person left, who can grab that point, and make a huge comeback for your team.

Creating relationships with other people, casual as in work, or at the arcade, or private, best friends, family, significant others is the most crucial part when you play any game. Whether its online, or off-, as AI in games gets better, its good to be able to get to know people, they're strengths, and they're weaknesses, so that they can help you when you need it, and even when you don't, and you can do the same.

Making appointments allows for TIME MANAGEMENT, which, can be pretty damn crucial. Somethings may come up suddenly, as most often in real life they do, and being able to communicate and space out the 24 hours you have each day, allows for more to accomplished in those, the 48, and the 72 or however far ahead you plan. Don't miss a team match, but don't miss the meeting at work, where one of your clan mates has some ideas for you after you're done your shift.

Growing in skill, curiosity, independance, individually, artistically, intellectually, emotionally, etc. is pretty straight-forward. Everybody, everywhere, all the time is growing, whether growing out or growing in, its just plain growth. Practice makes pretty much perfection, but you never reach it. And getting better at a game, means getting better at life, and getting better at life, means getting better at a game.

Sorry for the length, hope you enjoy. So, really, if you wanna play games, play 'em. Do with your life whatever your heart desires, just make sure your able to fuel both your life, and your love for gaming equally, no life no games, no games no life. :D

Oh man's, its a FlyFF Time!

Okay okay, so, people don't know what FlyFF is, or what its all about, some think it sucks, some think its boring. Well, the fact is, thats your opinion and you should thank all the people who died to let you state it, and to give you the ability of being able to have entitlement to it. But, for those of you who have your "BS Filter"s on, FlyFF is an expansive MMORPG.

Set in a world ravaged by a powerful wizards foolish banter with Space and Time, bringing things of other worlds and other dimensions into a place where they don't belong... ripping continents from the earth forever suspending them out of their place on Earth, creating new climate zones for better... but ultimately, the worst.

Having nothing left, the peoples of the world further developed the magic of flight, taking to the skies to reclaim their lost lands in hopes of someday righting the wrongs, patching the ills, and setting straight, all of which was undone that day. With one simple shared wish, equally heavy hearts, and the strong will to see things through to whatever end, you and your comrades must defend your lands, reclaim those lost, and battle to the bitter end... or die trying.

Well, that would be MY take on FlyFF and its Storyline from what I know. Try it out, http://flyff.gpotato.com/download/ and see if you enjoy. Its absolutely freakin' FREE!!!


I'm sure the majority of people who are gonna read this, have moved... well... thats what I'm doing... and it sucks. Its not the moving neccasarily... I think its the whole finding a play to move into. Its harsh. Take it from me, find a place a month in advance. lol, I learned the hard way, so you don't have to.

(Playing Counter Strike: Source, and WoW)

WoW, and my take on MMORPG's. (PtoP and Free)

I've hated WoW. Hated it since it first came out. The thought of paying more for a game every month, then I did to install it on my computer seemed stupid. It was difficult for me to get into, and nobody I knew played it. Fast-forward. The game is great. I've boughten it, thought I'd take a leap, and Azeroth opened her arms and let me in gently. The price, is good. I like paying for a game that my dollar improves upon, not goes into some big-wigs pocket.

But, if you're very non-chalant about WoW, here are the MMO RPG games I used to play before WoW:

  • Maple Story Global: A 2D, Side-Scrolling RPG, that uses elements of a real-time fighting system, and small trace-amounts of Platformer Gameplay.

    • Downside: Difficult to gain exp., and some things get rapetitive over time.

  • FlyFF (Fly For Fun): A great 3D Graphics Engine, with a turned-based battle system. A very unique Flight System allows for beauty in the sky, and blood to fall like rain from the battles overhead.

    • Downside: Some bad translation, steep-learning curve due in part to no real Tutorial, and is definetly not Newbie-friendly, but, not too advanced either.

  • Space Cowboy: An MMORPG in it's infancy, that uses a very advanced FlyFF Engine. It is strictly PvP, featuring expansive battles, Continetal Control between the Factions, and a great amount of depth, gameplay, and fun abound.

    • Downside: Though not BETA, the game is still early, and things aren't 100% balanced, not to say they won't be though. The tutorial is online, if thats a downside to you. And the Out-of-Game Hall, where you purchase items, the movement is downright slobby.

  • Knight Online: A huge, free, 3D MMO, with gajillion's of players. The battle system is very turn-based, and there are a lot of weapon's and armor's for the few classes. It has low min. and rec. requirements for what it does, and a lot of people to help due in part to its expansive user-base.

    • Downside: The most newbie-unfriendly MMORPG of them all. A lack of classes, means you have to make up for it later on down the road, and quests aren't as compelling as you really wished they would be.

  • Ruinscape: A very, VERY ambitious Java-based 3D MMORPG. A huge player base, and is a game where, you can literally play anywhere! I've seen homeless people at the library playing Ruinscape, so, I mean, that says something.

    • Downside: For what it has to offer, the game, cannot be knocked. If you look past the fact that it's Java, this game has been around for a very long time, the quests are great, and there are soo many things to do. It actually, offer's a bit more than WoW, and is quite easy to use. And... ITS FREE*!!!

Ruinscape Website: http://www.runescape.com
Maple Story Global Website: http://www.mapleglobal.com
Knight Online Website: http://www.knightonlineworld.com
Alternatively -
Fly For Fun Website: http://flyff.gpotato.com

Space Cowboy Website: http://www.spacecowboy.net

With "Runescape", you must pay for the extra 'elite' quests, but they aren't necessary.

The 'Assault on the Control Room' Banshee Trick is up!

Just so you know, please don't think the graphics look good. Because in order to capture this video, I had to do the game a great injustice... yes... I lowered the graphics settings :cry:!!!

Here's what I used:
-Halo: Combat Evolved (PC) [Same as the X-Box Version, all tricks, lagg's and what-nots apply as well.]
-Windows Movie Maker 2.1

Oh, and I'm looking to help people with Post-Production when I have free time, so that video's come out neat and dandy, and if they're edited, ya know, they're... "SLEEK"! lol. jk guys, you all make great videos, I just want more practice, and something to do.

My laptop is... believe this or not lol, a Toshiba Tecra A3, Intel 1.6GHz Centrino [aka. Pentium M], 512 RAM, 96MB Intel Onboard Graphics Acceleration V-RAM, and a 60GB Hard-Drive. Not much hey? But, Halo starts with everything on high, and I can play Star Wars: Empire at War, Half-Life 2, Jedi Knight 2 on FULL, with shader's and shadows and what not.

But, don't buy a laptop. I needed this for school... what you'd normally pay for this... get this...

...$150.00... Canadian lmfao!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the video all you Halo fans, and I hope its useful. P.S. you can cause some fun glitches, and maybe I might make a video to show off my own, favourite glitch. :twisted: hehe, trust me Halo fans, you've nevered play Halo like this before.

Written Reviews of...

Every... Single... Game... Listed... In... My... Collection. Then a Video Review... of all of them at once. Well, more like a video review on speed... a mile a minute. Not really. But, quick. I got 35 games man... oh man.

Oh, and Command_Chad ~ :idea:!!! I'm gonna put that video up of the Halo thing. The Banshee trick. I have FRAP's, and Halo: Combat Evolved (PC), so, ya, check it out for sure, all whom are interested. Only problem is... I gotta make it all the way there AGAIN?! *:osigh:|*... lol.

Oh well, a day in the life.

A Terrorist Jedi?!

Okay, so here's the grits. I play Jedi Knight 2, if you check out my videos, you probably say, dur, no shat Marc, you made a video. Okay, well besides that point, I logged onto a Server to slice some flesh with my "boom-stick"... and, unfortunetly, it was a server in which the spoken language wasn't that of my own. It was Spanish.

Well, my user name is Mac, my real one is Marc, I've used Mac ever since the unforgiving days of the 3-Letter Initial Arcade Score's. So, I log on, and I say: "Oh you guys speak spanish, okay, well, I don't speak it, but, I'll try my best to have a good match. [Was playing in an 8 Person Duel Match]. I do understand the HUGE politeness that almost every player expresses in the game such as Bowing, putting your lightsaber down and crouching is bowing out of a fight, and, not attacking somebody who really isn't going to fight back.

Well, suffice it to say, on the top, left hand corner, is where the game, match, and server text is read from. And all of a sudden... it says, "Mac's name has been changed to Mac Terrorist. You have been kicked from the Server." And I'm like... What the F***!? I mean, people are so worried about color in the PSP add B.S. ... well, considering that, even Microsoft Paint knows that Black and White are NOT colors, and any Art Teacher can back that up as well, and I'm very much white. But Games or People, we're one in the same. I have Spanish/English Speaking Mexican Friends, I have Black Friends who speak Somalian-Tounge and English, I have Native Friends, I have Lebanese Friends, and I have Indian Friends... who are all bilingual, so I'd just like to say this: Just because theres a war going on... against some people that we're not 100% completely exist as what/who they are, doesn't mean you need to bring your complaints to a game where all its about, is an ancient art brought to life by a Sci-Fi Fantasy Realm.

So stop the racist B.S. ... because if Racism can no longer be based on Color, or Origin, then, lets at least enjoy a game together, whatever its content may be, as though we were best friends, brothers... and as one. Because when it comes down to it, we all bleed red, and we're on www.gamespot.com, cause we share a common interst. So lets enjoy the games, until, a day we hopefully never have to see, pits us against each other, in a video game that might just cost us everything.

MB_E102, Sincerely Your's, Marc.