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To Those of You Who Love Me, Hate Me, Or Don't Know Me...


I guess this song comes to mind everytime I see a homeless person. I don't do drugs, and I don't drink alchohol. And when I do, its like 1 cooler, then it'll be about 3 months until the next one, that and I haven't been drunk either. Don't plan it. But, just think about it, next time you say you don't have change when you really do. Or when you want to tell that guy on the corner begging, to get a job. Think about this song. Everytime I see it, or hear it, this always used to come to my mind, "You know, what if I had to walk a mile in his shoes, I'd be no better... I'd be the same." Pce Out GS. I'll start my own little feature soon.

"A Gamer On The Streets". Haha... here's a possible excerpt:

You wouldn't believe how long you're allowed to play Call of Duty 2 and Project Gotham III Demo's at an XBox 360 koisk in Futureshop. I mean... maybe people think its the plastic seals over the games that smells like garlic pizza. Oh well, shooting Nazi's in the head, and kicking it real time in a Ferrari Enzo Ferrari on the streets of L.A. sure isn't bad. Hmmm... I wonder when I work next. Guess I'll walk up there, wash my armpits, and check the schedule.

haha... as sad as that is, you know how probable that is? Too probable.


In 2 Days...

Well, thank you Gamespotters for all your help, and your continued support. I'm just letting you know that I'll update on the 4th, when I'm not here anymore. But I have to sell my computer, among some other things. So I'll update from the library. Pce out GS. Wish me luck. The best of it to all of you. And if you're still thinking about sending me $, I can recieve it and use it, but honestly guys, your words are just as valuable. So take care... smile... and do what us gamer's do. Pwn the nuubs, the world, and the non-gaming population. Because its " Time to Kick Ass, Take Names, And Chew Bubble Gum... 'cept I'm all outta bubble." Duke Nukem 8)


**IMPORTANT** Please Read!

Dear Gamespot

I was recently given a 14 Day Notice to Vacate Premises. It is well against my rights that my landlord has done this, but I have no money left to take legal actions. On February 4th, 2007, I take to the streets of my very cold town. I do not have enough money to move into another place, straight from this one. Unfortunetly, all I will have as of the 2nd of February is $400.00. Which is not even enough for Damage Deposite. I've asked all my friends if they could help me, and either because they don't want to, or aren't abel to, they can't. I have no family to turn to, and no where to go. I am working, so, I'm not leeching. But I do need some help, in whatever increments anybody who decides to can.

Believe me, I'm not happy with having to turn to people I've never met for help... it makes me feel horrible. But, I've already had to quit withdraw from college, and am about to lose soo much more in the coming week. If you could find it in yourself as a person who might've been through this, will be, or know's what its like, please, it doesn't matter how much. Could you donate to my paypal account? I will never be doing this again, because I will never have to. I got caught at such short notice, and so unprepared that I am going to hurt for this for a long time to come.


**Update (Febraury 1, 2007): If anybody is considering sending me money, and Paypal is not an option, either e-mail me, Private Message me here on Gamespot, or add me to Windows Live Messenger. I can give you my banking info if you really desire sending me money lol.

My E-Mail for those whom are interested in Donating some money to help me via paypal is
: mb_e102@hotmail.com.

Thank You For Your Time,
Your's Most Sincerely,

[Jan. 28, 2007] Thank You To TheWesker for their Donation.
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You'd think it'd be easier...

Well, I suppose its not really the actual video I had trouble with. It was getting it onto the site. I captured it using my Logitech Webcam. Thought it would be fine, tried to upload it to the site... no shine. So, I put it in Windows Movie Maker 2.1 to try and see if I could encode it as a .WMV because the previous format was .AVI. When I'd put the movie into the timeline... there'd be like, anywhere from 8 to 14 seconds of video on a 4 minute clip. Which is total lame-o BS. So, I brought out the heavy video editing artillery and opened the raw .AVI into Ulead VideoStudio Pro. Well, it worked, but, a 10MB or so video, came out as a 238MB video. So, I tried to compress using DivX Converter 6.2.1. Well, turns out... the audio was bunk so DivX wouldn't let it convert. .AVI being the lovely acronym for Audio Video Interlaced. Well, no aduio, no A for the VI. So, I put the Ulead Encoded video file into Windows Movie Maker, and encoded it as 1.5mbps WMV file, and it worked... well, everything except for the damn sound. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy. I'm sure the next time I'll have the wrinkles ironed out.


Got the Cam... now let the games... BEGIN!

Yep, thats right, besides the answering machine I got for my phone, I also got a sweet @$$ camera. So, expect to see my first video blog, and video review. (Video Review might have to wait, FRAPs and my sound card don't like each other, and I'd like to have sound in the gameplay sequences). So, I look forward to you seeing me soon lol. Take care Gamespot, and besides "GAME ON!", as Duke Nukem once said, "Its time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble gum. 'cept I'm all outta bubble gum." :twisted:

Dun Dun... DUHHHHHHH!!!

LvL's and Game Whoopin's

Well, I finally biotch smacked the living shat berries out of Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and though its needless to say, that game is short. The ending officially sucks, and just ends with one of the trailers for Episode 2, which, unfortunetly we won't get to see until... summer 2007? wtf is that B.S.? Its soo you can put it on the XBox 360 and PS3 bundled with what? Episode 1 & 2 & Portal? Now thats just sick... but whats worse, is you poor Sony dingle-berries better hope you have an XBox or a decent comp, or hmmm, maybe even an XBox 360 with your backwards compatibility lists to play the original Half-Life so jumping into the episodes doesn't leave you with a big "WTF" slapped across your face.

The game does offer some improvements, slightly better looking textures, though very minute, and having Alyx along with you for the majority of the game really creates a bond, and makes the game a lot more entertaining. Good game overall, but a short one none-the-less.

Oh, and... Level 46 and 5/6's lol in WoW. Floranna is leveling up like a flight of stairs too high. Pretty soon I'll be the hig... nope, I won't be the highest level... cause that'll be 70... but hot digity damn, the new patch really brought some great things... and some bad ones. Like... wtf is going on with the Honor System? They really "stuck the prod in that poor cow's anus". Hopefully its a jump start in the right direction, rather than some flame-scalded scar you sadly have you get used to. That and the new skills are primo.

Catch ya lates GS, ROCK, STOCK, BLOCK, ...DOCK?... AND ROLL!!!

Marc aka. Rabbit akaka...... MB_E102

Must... free... myself... from... WoW...

I must finish Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Star Wars: Republic Commando. Both games are amazing. I'm stuck in Star Wars: Republic Commando though... I think I'm just gonna restart the damn level lol. And Half-Life 2: Ep.1, well, its just been a while since I could get into it. But it is a big step up from Half-Life 2, both in graphics and A.I., if only slightly.

Lastly... its Just Cause, but, I'm going to try and finish Hit Man: Blood Money (ya, I know, I'm behind, cut me some slack) and the Brother's In Arms series... I really like the look and feel of BIA: Hell's Highway, so, mine as well catch myself up. Medal of Honor has had it in for itself for a long time. I hate the whole spy, side-mission b.s. Like, its about the biggest War in history, and if its not (sorry, histor is a little rusty) its at least the biggest and most crucial war of the 20th Century, and theres only been a couple games that have captured that feel (though neither has done it for me all the way through) and those being Call of Duty 1&2 (haven't played 3 yet) and Battlefield 1942. BF1942 captured the scope of war, and CoD captured the sheer terrifying immseriveness of battle.

I've been getting sick of the whole Lone-Wolf, 1 God-Modded American Soldier against the en'tired' German/Japanese/Italian armies of the Axis... really so VERY tired.

And if MMO's keep going the way of the WWIIFPS, then WWII games won't be the only over-stuffed, over-crowded and seemingly over- and outdone genre.

"Theres only so much you can do, until you start doing whats already been done."

Level 21 Ma N-Word's!!!

Boo, mother'fing ya!!! About dang time. Sorry theres been no videos, been going through my own jazz. Sorry all, I'll fill ya in later.

Took The Matrix's Face to The Curb!!!

Well, I recently owned the crap out of The Matrix: Path of Neo. It wasn't an amazing game, graphically or gameplay wise. But, at least they managed to get button-mashing to some sort of streamlined art instead of complete chaos. The graphics, well, I had everything on High, and 1024x780 on my new comp, and, well, it ran fine, but, man, you can tell this game was meant for the N64 or the Dreamcast, back when the first movie came out lol. Cause the engine had some Havok injected into it, and other than that, nothing new to me.

Inbetween bouts of World of Warcraft, I've been trying to finish Star Wars: Republic Commando. I've given it a break, because I'm stuck. To rant a bit, wtf is a Super Droid Dispenser doing the hell there? Theres no way to f'ing get there. That, and the level prior, one of my teamates died in a corner, and upon revival got wedged into it, so, he was stuck there, the whole level, I couldn't even breach a door, cause his sorry ass wasn't there. Oh well, its a pretty decent game anyways.

After that, its play catch up time with Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and then I'm gonna beat Final Fantasy V, and then Final Fantasy VI, once again in between bouts of WoW. Thanks for reading and look forward to more changes, the V-Blog will have to wait. Need Cha-Ching.

Redoing it All!!!

Well, as a change of pace, considering that, sooner and not later, I'm going to start on my V-Blogs, and Video Reviews, I might as well, make this page a lot more robust. Look forward to some changes, and you'll be seeing me soon. 8)