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Wireless Shmireless!!!

You know... Wireless just plain ol' sucks the big one... but unfortunetly its my only option right now. I have a D-Link Extreme G 108 Air Card, and the corresponding Router... but... the thing sure hates walls.


And downloading Patches with it, as I've seen about 5 times now, has proven volatile if not completely fruitless. Because as soon as it D/C's, I'm fuuked. And I have to redownload the damn file.


Anyways, just a short little splat on GS, now I gots to go clean and organize me room... 'tis an unholy reek coming from my girlfriends inability to clean up her mess. Better get the Bio-Suit... *gets Bio-Suit* aahh... nothing like an oversize ziploc... oh wait... I can't... its sealed... too much... zip... and... loc... [cue Death]

Hehe, JK!

~mArc, over and out.

One Day: In the Life of a Working Gamer

    Okay, so its 11:16am. I'm sitting here in the Manager's office, sick as sh!t, and bored as all hell. You see, at my job, I make $11.00 an hour, to come in, enjoy the stomach flu I've contracted from god know's where (can you say icky?), and make sure crap gets done.

    But fret not, I am a gamer. Yet, I sit all day, at a job with nothing to do, doing absolutely just that. I'm a Gamer with a passion to write, a passion to play, embark, and conquer every game I play. And where I want to be, is part of the site I'm writing this on. Someday I tell myself, someday. And maybe someday soon. Who knows? I do.

    You see, I'm sick. I get sick really easily. That, and I have problems with my feet (yeah, thats right, I spent $400 bucks on insoles for my shoes that just look pretty) and so sitting here, writing, where I'm close to the toilet, just incase, is something that works for me. Though when I'm not sick, I'm out there, trying my best to enjoy the lack-of-interest monotany that is Allstar Video.

    Though take my word for it, doing nothing all day for your job, and getting paid to do it, isn't all its cracked up to be. Because for one, I could be at home doing the same damn thing. My manager is a mindless drone, with an affinity to never stop talking. She's rude, and she's completely obese, which begs the question as to why she REALLY needs to TRY to act like the alpha female. God, there are skinnier chicks on those special interest reports about some lady who's stuck in her bed with a bucket of KFC wondering why she can't get out of it, waiting for the Crane to come lift her out.

    I want to play games. And no, I don't want to get paid to do it. I want to play games, enjoy or not enjoy them, and share that with others, so I may make an informed, well thought out, and finely structured opinion. Every game has its downfall.

   I guess every developer dilly's out a half @$$ slop job hoping to pour some more money into their next big project (Mortal Kombat Advance anyone?). And I guess thats what this is. This job isn't horrible, but it certainly is dead end, brick wall, end of the road jazz. And if I need to do this, get through this to get where I wanna go, then hey, its just like putting up with crap like MKA for the GBA so we can get some good stuff from Midway, or, well, better unlockables in an already awesome game.

    So heres to all the Gamers out there, working 9-5 at a dead end job, thinking they'll never go anywhere. Lifes just a game, rated E for Everyone, so lets stick it to it, spend 5 to 9 playing games, and rinse and repeat until 9-5 we're doing what we love. Playing games. ;)

Marc, Over and Out. ~ 8)

Yes... I am alive. Info: Video Blog

Okay. Despite what some may say, or may have thought, the great (or maybe not?) Marc is still alive. Been playing some old games. Man, it always seems like I'm about 3 to 6 months behind everybody else in the games division. Ofcourse, I've been playing WoW. And though there are already level 70's, the burning crusade expansion really up's the ante. Fresh Breath, of New Air.


I've been wanting to do a video blog, but I don't have a webcam... :(, thats definetly on the list alongside more RAM for me comp.


And another reason I haven't had much time to spreck my piece of GS is: If you may remember, I fell into some harsh times before. Real bad. Worse than i could describe. And I've literally worked my balls off, I think I have maybe 30% of both, give or take a bit. Okay, not literally. But its been hardcore. But other than that, I'm frackin' doing awesome. I've really made a comeback since my setback. 


Now its time to get caught up. First game... (YES, I KNOW, ITS A LITTLE OLD NOW) C&C3!!!

Pce out all. Sorry again for not posting sooner. 

XBox 360 or PS3? Which one, and why.


 I'd like to know whether I should go to the doors of Sony's giant gates, or whether M$ ever expanding sleek-n-white tiny tank, the beloved though often broken, XBOX 360 is the way to go.

 As it stands... the Sony PS3 is winning me over. What do you think, and why. Be honest, be polite. Your opinions are appreciated as much as they matter, which is a lot.


Pce out.

Doing Good, Bad, and Ugly

Well, things messed up, but, they inadvertantly got better... odd, I know. But, despite some slight downs, things have been good. Haven't been able to play many games though. Though I did get to the C&C3 Demo.

I was, impressed? Uhhh, I guess you could say that. But honestly, save for the return to the good ol' NOD vs. GDI (vs. Scrin) formula and units and classic fun, it just looks like a better looking mod for C&C Generals. Though not being a bad game in any respect, I'm really hoping things pan out a lot better so that C&C 3 isn't just C&C Generals: Tiberium Mod or whatever.

Anyways, I'm out guys. Hope you're all kicking some @$$ and keeping it real. I'll check ya again latez. Sorry about not updating sooner. Oh, and once again, for the amazing support from the community before... I'm truly indebted to your kindness all. Thanks so much.


*New Update*

I live in the True North, Strong and Free, nyjrad. And things are doing way wicked cool. Some of my coworkers are searching their local areas for Vacant Suites, and the dough to move into them is rolling along nicely. I can't thank you all enough. You guys really kept me in the fight. Had some problems with my "Regional Manager" fixing my hours... GRR, but that was cleaned up in a jiffy. SO I'll see you all soon. Or well... ttyl.


*Best Update Yet* GOOD NEWS!!!

Hey guys, good news! Very Good NEWS!!! Well, my life is still in a bit of tatters, but, I'm making up for it, slowly, and surely. For instance.

I started a new job, Little Ceasars right? Well, first day, I earned my uniform for free by being so good at training. Second day, i got a raise. 3rd day, getting trained as a manager. $2000 a month. ;)

Hope all goes well all, I'm doing better. THanks for checking up on me.

Update* Things are going alright, and okay.

Well, life took a bit of a turn for the better. Things got a little more straightened out, and a LOT more manageable.

Been playing some Steam Games, mainly HL2 Mods with Ezra1.

I thought I'd share with you guys a Rag-Doll Death I landed from a swift shot to the head. Made me chuckle. Notice I only had 1 Second before it would've went away. Good thing I caught it. Enjoy.

Games I've been playing Online:

  • Aliens vs. Predator 2 (with Primal Hunt Expansion)

  • Eternal Silence (Team-Based Objective Mod for HL2) *Shown in Picture*

  • Synergy Mod (Co-Op Mod for HL2, Single-Player and Custom Maps)

  • Goldeneye Source (Need I say more? Best remake mod I've ever seen. Looking forward to Perfect Dark Source)

Thanks for your time all. Pray that things re-stabalize fully. ~Marc, or MB_E102, signing out.