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LyokoOddFan Blog

I'm Back.

Not sure if it's full time. But I have alot of time to visit this site since I've finished school.

Back From Salou

PortAventura was awesome

Ride reviews

Stampida - Best Ride I've ever been on, hurts your back though. Its a goliath of a wooden coaster, and fast as fuk too.

Dragon Khan - The literal Personal Challenge. Speeds up too 110 km/h and eight loops, most likely the most intense ride in all of Europe.

Hurakan Condor - Not for those with a fear of heights. This towering behemoth is a drop ride, with a max height of 330ft. Be careful on this ride, because one unlucky seat gets tilted forward.

Furius baco - Furius by name, boring by reputation. Its fast, but only has one inversion.

Tomahawk - A mini-stampida. A ride for kids, but its pretty intense for a kids ride.

Tutuki Splash - No-one gets away unsoaked, this water ride will get you absoultley drenced, but with the heat in Spain, you should be glad.