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Online Gaming - Maybe age is catching up to me...

Having been around the gaming world for several decades, I've been seeing a very negative feature seeping into the online gaming world: racism.

At first I thought maybe it was just on the PC but then lately I have been seeing it on Xbox Live as well. Racist language seems to be especially prevailant in the FPS world. Years ago, around the start of the original Xbox, younger kids (those 18 and under).

The last few weeks of playing games like Left4Dead, Serious Sam, and such I have come across people spouting derogatory words like the "N" word for black people, "S" word for Hispanics, and the "F" word towards homosexuals. Perhaps I live in a different world altogether and am suffering from Rip Van Winkle syndrom but I never experienced this kind of behavior in online games years ago. Is this the new status for online gaming? Really?!

It feels hard to find anyone with some maturity to them. I almost feel like nobody over the age of 27 plays games online anymore. Yes, I do stumble into occasional mature players but it just seems to feel more and more like playing with immature racist players. It's like I can't play a game without hearing someone slinging a racist remark like it was going out of style.

Sometimes it feels discouraging to play with others, because of the whole mob mentality: If you don't fit in, you are outcast. I refuse to sling racist verbatige on or offline. There's no room in this world for it and to see children and young adults throwing it around makes me sad for the generations to come.