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NFS: Hot Pursuit

In the last week I've had a good bit of time to really sink my teeth into this game. Overall, I enjoy it but I've noticed a few possible hang ups that should be addressed by EA.

1) Disconnection from Autolog. This is a rare situation but it does happen. Nothing sucks more than winning a match, making first place, getting around 15,000 points for it, unlocking new stuff only to be told you've been disconnected from Autolog and all that work in that one match went flush. Again, it's a rare situation but can be really offsetting when it does happen.

2) "Auto Balancing Teams". In two words: It doesn't. Case in point: Yesterday me and a friend were playing in the Sports area of NFS. I'm a level 11 cop and level 13 racer. He is a level 13 cop and level 12 racer. Everyone else in the lobby was around levels 3-4 on average. Time runs down and the match begins its auto balance. My friend and I end up on the same team, meaning two level 11+ racers and the most they had was a level 7 cop, the rest of the cops were level 1, 3, and 4. While levels may not make a huge difference, it does on useage of equipment (spike strips, heli's, and road blocks). Needless to say we won most of the matches for the next 2 hours.

3) Map selection in public lobbies. While it doesn't happen all the time, it does happen with frequency. The map selection needs to be tweeked. It's unfair to one team continuously throughout their time in that lobby. What I mean by this is one Racer team gets a 7-8 mile run map and when things switch, the other side gets a 12-16 mile map, and it continues like this on and on making it unfair to one side trying to survive as a Racer.

I hope in the coming weeks or months that EA sees such issues and is able to address them. This is an excellent game and would love to see it excel even more.