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Killing Floor Leveling - The gimping of a new wave of players

I know I cannot possibly be alone in this but in games we've each ran into people who are high level or powerful yet have no clue or basis on how to play their character or what to do with the group they're with.

Recently I've seen this happening more and more in the game Killing Floor. Currently there are ways to exploit a server so that people can "level safely" up to level 6 (which is the max level for a perk/class at the moment). I feel this is a negative affect to both the player and the players longevity to the game itself.

Case in point. I joined a Hell on Earth Difficulty server (the hardest difficulty there is) and found it to be a perk/class leveling server. The admin was present and I ran around. Apparently the admin did not like level 6's in the server and kept asking me to change to a different class. I responded I couldn't because ALL my classes/perks are level 6.

Things went quiet for a bit. I ran around helping the other players as they were trying to level (they were extremely clueless on tactics and map strategy). This apparently continued to upset the Admin who, for the umpteenth time, reminded me that no level 6s were allowed. I responded I was helping the other players (being a team player) because the players were being killed extremely fast early into each wave/round.

I stuck around to watch the finale of the map to see how things went. Sure enough, everyone was whiped out because they didn't play as a team. Ironically the admin continued to berate me about being a level 6. I finally had enough and started calling him on things. He himself knew absolutely nothing about teamplaying and tactics and was oblivious on how to play the game, let alone play with others. I also reminded him that any experienced player will see he has no experience within minutes of playing with the team and will be shunned for it.

In hopes of talking about things, he decided to ban me from the server. To which I shrug but it made me sit back and shake my head... he's raising a large number of people to quickly level up, who will then join games that I or others are trying to beat and will whipe the group out because they're high level and don't know how to play the game at all.

Am I right or wrong to be frustrated by this? Because I am. I hate knowing idiots like him will continue to plague players who wish to beat things because thosepower leveledplayers will have no clue on how to play as a team, play their class/perk properly, or even know how to utilizethe maps.