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Dead Rising 2

So I managed to finally scrounge up enough money to purchase Dead Rising 2 today. Having played Case Zero, I had a slight head start in the game itself.

Having played the single player for a few hours, I decided I wanted to try playing the Co-Op online. This is where my trouble began.

Ultimately the Co-Op system needs a bit of work. I spent about 20 minutes attempting to join a Co-Op game. Every attempt made resulted in a denial to join by the hosts. Why does Capcom allow the game to start in this manner when most people are apparently going to just deny you for whatever reason they have for such?

Usually playing a Co-Op game makes things more fun. Hell, they even tell you at the start that people can join and if you want you can change the settings in the Options menu. Why would you play a game set to Public if you don't want to others to join? Sheer laziness?

Maybe someone can enlighten me on this sore spot.