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Crunchyroll now on Roku!

While this is not game related, it IS anime related.

While visiting the Crunchyroll website the other day I was excited to see thatit is now on Roku! This is great news for those who have a Roku box(me!) as it means one can lounge in the comfort of the couch or bed and watch anime the way it should, relaxed.

In fact this was the clincher for me subscribing to the website. I figure watching anime commercial free would be a nice change too (some of them areawful repetative).

At present not all of the anime and dramas are up on the Roku yet as it takes time to code videos to work on the Roku but they do have a decent selection. Also from reading the forums the owner said they should have most of the shows up on Roku within a month or two (yay!)

Can't wait to see some of my favorites on there so I can finally watch them on a TV for a change.