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Killing Floor Leveling - The gimping of a new wave of players

I know I cannot possibly be alone in this but in games we've each ran into people who are high level or powerful yet have no clue or basis on how to play their character or what to do with the group they're with.

Recently I've seen this happening more and more in the game Killing Floor. Currently there are ways to exploit a server so that people can "level safely" up to level 6 (which is the max level for a perk/class at the moment). I feel this is a negative affect to both the player and the players longevity to the game itself.

Case in point. I joined a Hell on Earth Difficulty server (the hardest difficulty there is) and found it to be a perk/class leveling server. The admin was present and I ran around. Apparently the admin did not like level 6's in the server and kept asking me to change to a different class. I responded I couldn't because ALL my classes/perks are level 6.

Things went quiet for a bit. I ran around helping the other players as they were trying to level (they were extremely clueless on tactics and map strategy). This apparently continued to upset the Admin who, for the umpteenth time, reminded me that no level 6s were allowed. I responded I was helping the other players (being a team player) because the players were being killed extremely fast early into each wave/round.

I stuck around to watch the finale of the map to see how things went. Sure enough, everyone was whiped out because they didn't play as a team. Ironically the admin continued to berate me about being a level 6. I finally had enough and started calling him on things. He himself knew absolutely nothing about teamplaying and tactics and was oblivious on how to play the game, let alone play with others. I also reminded him that any experienced player will see he has no experience within minutes of playing with the team and will be shunned for it.

In hopes of talking about things, he decided to ban me from the server. To which I shrug but it made me sit back and shake my head... he's raising a large number of people to quickly level up, who will then join games that I or others are trying to beat and will whipe the group out because they're high level and don't know how to play the game at all.

Am I right or wrong to be frustrated by this? Because I am. I hate knowing idiots like him will continue to plague players who wish to beat things because thosepower leveledplayers will have no clue on how to play as a team, play their class/perk properly, or even know how to utilizethe maps.

PC Achievement pictures database glitch?

Maybe it's just me but is anyone else seeing their PC achievement pictures showing up as things other than the actual game?

Examples being I am seeing Dragon Ball characters/items on some of my Borderlands achivements and on Killing Floor I am seeing some icons that are not about the game.

Crunchyroll now on Roku!

While this is not game related, it IS anime related.

While visiting the Crunchyroll website the other day I was excited to see thatit is now on Roku! This is great news for those who have a Roku box(me!) as it means one can lounge in the comfort of the couch or bed and watch anime the way it should, relaxed.

In fact this was the clincher for me subscribing to the website. I figure watching anime commercial free would be a nice change too (some of them areawful repetative).

At present not all of the anime and dramas are up on the Roku yet as it takes time to code videos to work on the Roku but they do have a decent selection. Also from reading the forums the owner said they should have most of the shows up on Roku within a month or two (yay!)

Can't wait to see some of my favorites on there so I can finally watch them on a TV for a change.

Steam Holiday Sale!

Those who are using Steam may want to check out the great deals that are going on between now and January 2nd!

I hadn't been on Steam in a while and saw the Store advertising a lot of great games, many being 50% to 85% off. If you've been holding out on some games you may want to see if some of them are now on sale. I've already purchased a few and just waiting to see what new deals they put up each day.

Online Gaming - Maybe age is catching up to me...

Having been around the gaming world for several decades, I've been seeing a very negative feature seeping into the online gaming world: racism.

At first I thought maybe it was just on the PC but then lately I have been seeing it on Xbox Live as well. Racist language seems to be especially prevailant in the FPS world. Years ago, around the start of the original Xbox, younger kids (those 18 and under).

The last few weeks of playing games like Left4Dead, Serious Sam, and such I have come across people spouting derogatory words like the "N" word for black people, "S" word for Hispanics, and the "F" word towards homosexuals. Perhaps I live in a different world altogether and am suffering from Rip Van Winkle syndrom but I never experienced this kind of behavior in online games years ago. Is this the new status for online gaming? Really?!

It feels hard to find anyone with some maturity to them. I almost feel like nobody over the age of 27 plays games online anymore. Yes, I do stumble into occasional mature players but it just seems to feel more and more like playing with immature racist players. It's like I can't play a game without hearing someone slinging a racist remark like it was going out of style.

Sometimes it feels discouraging to play with others, because of the whole mob mentality: If you don't fit in, you are outcast. I refuse to sling racist verbatige on or offline. There's no room in this world for it and to see children and young adults throwing it around makes me sad for the generations to come.

NFS: Hot Pursuit

In the last week I've had a good bit of time to really sink my teeth into this game. Overall, I enjoy it but I've noticed a few possible hang ups that should be addressed by EA.

1) Disconnection from Autolog. This is a rare situation but it does happen. Nothing sucks more than winning a match, making first place, getting around 15,000 points for it, unlocking new stuff only to be told you've been disconnected from Autolog and all that work in that one match went flush. Again, it's a rare situation but can be really offsetting when it does happen.

2) "Auto Balancing Teams". In two words: It doesn't. Case in point: Yesterday me and a friend were playing in the Sports area of NFS. I'm a level 11 cop and level 13 racer. He is a level 13 cop and level 12 racer. Everyone else in the lobby was around levels 3-4 on average. Time runs down and the match begins its auto balance. My friend and I end up on the same team, meaning two level 11+ racers and the most they had was a level 7 cop, the rest of the cops were level 1, 3, and 4. While levels may not make a huge difference, it does on useage of equipment (spike strips, heli's, and road blocks). Needless to say we won most of the matches for the next 2 hours.

3) Map selection in public lobbies. While it doesn't happen all the time, it does happen with frequency. The map selection needs to be tweeked. It's unfair to one team continuously throughout their time in that lobby. What I mean by this is one Racer team gets a 7-8 mile run map and when things switch, the other side gets a 12-16 mile map, and it continues like this on and on making it unfair to one side trying to survive as a Racer.

I hope in the coming weeks or months that EA sees such issues and is able to address them. This is an excellent game and would love to see it excel even more.

Dead Rising 2

So I managed to finally scrounge up enough money to purchase Dead Rising 2 today. Having played Case Zero, I had a slight head start in the game itself.

Having played the single player for a few hours, I decided I wanted to try playing the Co-Op online. This is where my trouble began.

Ultimately the Co-Op system needs a bit of work. I spent about 20 minutes attempting to join a Co-Op game. Every attempt made resulted in a denial to join by the hosts. Why does Capcom allow the game to start in this manner when most people are apparently going to just deny you for whatever reason they have for such?

Usually playing a Co-Op game makes things more fun. Hell, they even tell you at the start that people can join and if you want you can change the settings in the Options menu. Why would you play a game set to Public if you don't want to others to join? Sheer laziness?

Maybe someone can enlighten me on this sore spot.