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LuthorLex54 Blog

G.I. JOE and What Games I'm Looking forward to:

Game Looking Forward To:

- Halo 3: ODST

- Batman: Arkham Asylum

- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

- G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

- Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2

Games I'm Playing:

- Half-Life 2, Episodes 1 and 2, Portal (All Through The Orange Box)

Games I Wish to Play:

- Prototype

Terminator Salvation

Just a quick post for me. I saw Terminator Salvation this Friday, opening day, and absolutely loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, then you should. DO NOTbelieve the critics, it is not as bad as they are calling it, It is twenty time better than T3, a fil which critics liked, but general audiences didn't. See it for yourself...


After many months of deliberation, I realized the Critics were absolutely right. Terminator: Salvation Sucks...

Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Review:

Avalanche: 5/10

Blackout: 8/10

Ghost Town: 10/10

Above are my scores for the maps composed in the Legendary Map Pack released a few weeks ago. Out of the maps, Ghost Town is the best with Blackout coming second and Avalanche as the worst.

Ghost Town is a surprisingly good map. I'd actually thought that the map would suck, but it's great for 4v4 games. The Only issue is like on Foundry, the spawn points are eractic.

Blackout is the remake of Halo 2 favorite Lockout. It is a good remake, being a UNSC Weather Station unlike the Forerunner Research Facility in H2. The map is really good and can sometimes be intense.

Avalanche is the final map, and is the worst to me. It is a supposed remake of Halo's Sidewinder, but with all the changes to tweak it up into something new, it's lost the appeal of the first one. I was looking forward to using the Hornet even though it was toned down, but it now comes across as a bad Offensive/Defensive Vehicle, which is disapointing. The final issue I have with the map is there is way to many ways to get to the oposing team's base, about 4 total, which makes it hard to guard in Objective Based Games.

Overall, the Map Pack is good, but I'm not too sure about 800 Microsoft Points, more like 600. :roll:

What Might Have Been...

I probably shouldn't be surprised that Codemasters royally screwed up the chance of this game being good. They had a great premise, but they fumbled it badly. Here's what's bad: Accuracy is Way Off, Damage To Enemies is weak, Moving forward is like dragging your feet and moving backwards is like a tortoise in reverse, and No one man, a Construction Worker with no prior military combat experience (No matter how easy it is to use a gun) can kill legions of Nazis and walk away unscathed. There's other reason as well. Check my review for a full detail.

I had high hopes for this game. I try so hard to fight through the mediocrity and slew of technical bugs, but just couldn't stomach it after I beat the game. The game has a great premise, it has atmosphere, and it's playable. But don't buy this game, because it's ripoff. I only rented it, but i still feel ripped off.


Turning Point; Another Hour of Victory?

I'll probably be renting Turning Point: Fall of Liberty tomorrow. I'm hoping it won't be bad, but then again, if it's anything like the demo, it'll be pretty bad.

The whole storyline looks pretty cool, the graphics aren't horrible, and it looks to have some pretty interesting atmosphere. But the gameplay mechanics are pretty bad. Gunplay is extremly weak. And the A.I. ...

Hopefully it will try to suprise me...

Halo 3, TFU, and COD4:

Once again, Bad luck on the Halo 3 Front. It's just incredible how many times we get on the crappy, no chance in hell teams. About 2/5ths the number of games i've had the frustration of playing are the number of times i've been on a bad team. It's just inconceievable! How many games do i have to play to get me up to a 35?! If i could just get to a Commander's Rating, i would be glad there, but i'm only a 33 skill (31 currently on team slayer).

And BloodySOB is a 29 skill and extremely close to be a major. He's pretty mad about it, i mean he really deserves to be a major, he's a good player and he's won several games in a row as the MVP, but no, he can't get past his 29. Bungie needs to fix the Ranking system, because it's starting to tick me off.

As for Lucasarts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed; i'm a on again off again Star Wars Fan (One that never loses sight of reality, mind you) and i think from what i've seen of the story, the physics, the graphics, the superb AI, and the explosive new ways to use the force, that it is going to be game of the year material (Although theres still Metal Gear, Resident Evil 5, and more great games to come). But seriously, the game's been in development for three years since after ROTS and it keeps on getting pushed back. To me, the game is losing it's hype with all the pushbacks it keeps getting. Next thing you know, it's going to be pushed back to 2009 (Right now it's been pushed back to the third quarter of 2008; which i don't have the patience to wait that long). It's things like these that can destory a good game.

As for Call of Duty 4, i've posted my review of it and i have to say Infinity Ward did a really good job. I've finished campaign a couple of weeks back and been working on getting the veteran achievements. Veteran is intense and adds better difficulty to the game, but it can be annoyingly difficult and you alot of times. Right now, i've completed the first three levels on veteran and am currently dreading the Bog and War Pig for the next achievement. I almost didn't complete the Charlie don't Surf level, getting stuck on the TV Station part, but i found a helpful video online at youtube that worked well.

Well that's it for now.

True Skill ****

I've gotten to the point where i actually despise Halo 3's multiplayer expierence. The graphics are good, it's pretty @#%# addictive, the weapons are awesome, the matches can be intense, and the ranks are pretty cool... but the True Skill System is a absolute piece of crap! I mean seriously, I play four game in a row at the top of my game, go up a point, and then lose the next game at the top of my game and go back down to a 31???! This game is full of it.

And it's not really my fault, I mean seriously the game is out to get me. Mostly, matches are supposed to be even between the teams, but they're not, at least for me. I'm always on the team that just happens to suck and be outranked. For example:

Me and BloodySOB, a good friend and GREAT player (Usually breaking double digits very early), were playing the new ranked Big Team Battle; 8v8 Capture The Flag. The other team was pretty good while my team was one of the worst on Halo 3. We lost 2-0. Me and Bloody seemed to be the only ones trying to capture the flag. We had no support from our team whatsoever. Do you know why? We just happen to be paired with three people who don't know what Capture The Flag is, one who isn't aware that the game was Capture The Flag, and the rest who were concerned about kills.

Usually i stay behind at the base to guard our flag, but this time i went after the enemy's. They had at least two guarding their's and one providing sniper support, but no one guarding our flag. And then, i manged to get the flag and make it a few yards, one of my teamates tells me that he's coming to evac me. He drives up in a warthog. The enemy has got our flag and our almost back at their base. My transportation arrives and wait for him to stop, but he splatters me.

He then gets upset and appolgizes a few times. I ask him why he ran me over and he tells me that he thought i was the enemy with our flag. I ask why would he think that? He replies that he thought the flags were the same. I tell him that we're blue and the enemy is red, DID HE NOT NOTICE THE COLOR DIFFERENCES?!!!!

Then, me and Bloody get the teams flag and I head to one of the mongooses and wait for him to get on. But he dosen't, he collects ammo for his sniper and battle rife as well as grenades. This takes at least twenty seconds. I tell him to come on, he tells me he needs ammo. I tell him, he's not going to need it in 15 seconds. He finally gets on, but we're no where close.

But anyway, we're both pretty good players, usually breaking double digits every game. But lately, we've had really bad luck. Hopefully we'll get past it soon.