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So I decided to rush a Frat.

I decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi, a National Honor Co-Ed Fraternity. You need a 3.0 GPA to be eligible to join, so I'm honored that they invited me to join.

I'll find out Wednesday if I'm officially an initiate, then there will be a pinning ceremony, then eventually they'll have an induction ceremony where I'll officially become a member of Phi Sigma Pi.

I can't wait to meet a bunch of new people, etc. The best part is that Phi Sigma Pi doesn't restrict you from joining other frats if I wanted to.

Yeah, so Maine is awesome

I love most of my classes, a few are on the boring side though. Maine is very, very cold lol.

I got a work-study job at one of the dining commons on campus, it's not too bad.

I have a Fall Break starting Friday until the 11th, I can't wait to come home and see a lot of my friends.

I'm loving college so far lol

Fall Welcome Weekend is really helpig with the adjustmet to college. I meeting a lot of new people and seeing some familiar faces as well.

Classes start Tuesday, I can't wait. I have 8 books right now and once the semester starts, I could be up over 10 lol (stupid College Composition).

Only 2 more weeks of summer vacation

I move into my dorm on September 1st and classes begin September 5th. I can't wait to go to college, but I'm also a little nervous. Hopefully I can make a lot of new friends and have a lot of fun, but also balance in my school work and work-study as well.

I will try to get on here as much as possible, but it will all depend on the amount of homework I have and when I have to do work-study.

Back from a long two and a half-week hiatus

I was on vacation from June 13th to the 22nd down in Myrtle Beach. My family owns a condo down in Surfside Beach, so why not use it? lol It was a lot fun down there, lots of things to do and lots of hot girls too lol.

Then we went up to Maine from the 24th-the 26th because my twin sister and I had our orientations up at UMaine. That was cool as well; got to meet some new people and have a lot of fun.

My preliminary schedule for college in the fall

History of Human-Animal Relations (T 6pm-8:30 pm) 3.0 credits. Only night course I have. But that's fine because it will only be my second and last class of the day on Tuesdays.

College Composition (MWF 9am-9:50am) 3.0 credits

United States History I (MF 11am-11:50am) 3.0 credits

United States History I REC (W 10-10:50) 0 credits. Basically just the same thing as US History I, just less people I think

Calculus I (MWF 1:10pm-2pm; T 1pm-1:50pm; Th 1pm-1:50 pm) 4.0 credits. Calculus is the only class I'll have every day and I have it MWF in one building, Tuesday in another building, and Thursday in another building lol.

Intermediate Spanish I (T and Thurs. 11am-12:15 pm) 3.0 credits

Total credits for the semester: 16 credits. Heavy workload, I know, and I'm also going to be doing work study.

They haven't mailed me my preliminary schedule yet (I'll need to bring it to orientation in case I want to make changes), I got it off one of their student resources websites (Web DSIS). I'm so excited that I already have my schedule (I don't plan on making any changes) and I know the buildings they're in and the professors as well. :) 

We're 4-0 now

We killed Arlington last night, 98-38.

To win the league title, we're going to have to go undefeated. We got our two toughest meets coming up. We have Cambridge next week and then Peabody week after that.

Right now, we're tied with Peabody for 1st, as we're the only two undefeated teams in the league.

We're 3-0

We killed Everett, beat our rival, Somerville, and we beat Malden yesterday.

I've placed twice so far. I got 2nd place in the 200m against Everett and I got 3rd, in a sweep of the 100m against Malden.

So, I'm making the most of my varsity races. That was the first time that I've run the varsity 100m and I've only run the Varsity 200m twice (the other time I got 4th).

and I'm improving on my long jump every time too. I'm up to 16' 7.5""