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Most disappointing year for games: 06

Yes, I said it. For me, 06 would definitely haft to be the most disappointing year for gaming. I was looking forward to games like Oblivion, Medieval 2, and Neverwinter Nights 2. Heck, I was even looking forward to Archlord - as bad as it turned out to be. But they all disappointed me. The only game I actually enjoyed this year was Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade. And I still play it. But there were many times I found myself digging through an old pile of dusty Video Games just to keep myself entertained. Come on developers... I can't play World of Warcraft for the rest of my life. I'm already sick of it. *Sigh* anyway... I certainly hope 07 is alot better. There are alot of games I'm really looking forward to like Crysis, Age of Conan, And hopefully, Hellgate: London. I just hope that after all these months of waiting will be worth it. And **** NO! I'm not looking forward to Halo 3!!! Good Night.