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So...Summer's Coming!

See,I like summers...I think it's fun that it's so warm outside...Not too warm,though.

I think this summer will be pretty much like my previous one.
I remember I had a lot of fun previous summer,that summer opened another world for me.
Hung out with friends,did stuff,had laughs and so ****ing on.I hope this summer will be something similar.

I also want to make sure to play some games...I haven't been playing much lately although yesterday I downloaded the Transformers:War for Cybertron Multiplayer demo.I'm actually surprised.I like it very much.I've only played deathmatch and I'm a level 3 tank now...Yet,I'm surprised I don't have a girlfriend...Woe is me,I'll pretend I give a damn.

I might get this game when it's cheaper.I can't just rent it,because it's not allowed.Thank you very much beer-consuming,child-abusing Belgium.

Achja...I hope you guys and gals have some plans for this summer.

So,that's the end of this blog.

Thank you for reading!