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Oh my God!What just HAPPENED!?

YOU SAW THAT!!!...Well that's it for me..No more 'stitches'..yea,the rank's gone.
Now I'm a Radical Ninja...oooh,sounds dangerous..And to think I like Pirates more.
Radical Pirate...No..Ninja..because they're so COOL.Anyway,enough Rank ranting..Here's some regular 'let me talk about some things in my life' crap.

Where to start...

School:Yes,I'm doing excellent in school.Now all these exams are coming up,so its gonna be study,study,study all damn day...But after that!!!
A nice vacation..aah yes...Christmas,presents,family,snow..And temperatures far below zero...Awesome you say?A big 'nay' say for me :roll:

Social Life:Yea,the social thing hurts more than a knife in my buttcheek.Well...Do I have a girlfriend..No,Nein,Neen...Simple put...I have yet to find one that meets my high awesome standards..And to think I'm being 'modest' here...Yea..right,LG :(
A FG or as 'normal' people like to say Firlgriend...has not yet crossed my path..but than again neither has a four legged the could be could be raining...:|..I'll shut up about that.

Games:Yes,games..quite a big part in my life.Today I bought BIA:Earned in Blood and I'm playing FF7..on the pc.Both fun games.And I'm gonna start playing San Andreas Multiplayer again soon.My Wii...still untouched...Well that thing that sometimes lights up.Yay for innuendos :roll:...But I will be getting a game for it soon.Don't know which..So I'm open for some recommendations :)

And..I saw Max Payne..Wasn't bad and wasn't good.Mediocre.Do I wanna see it again?YES...Am I gonna buy the DVD?YES!

That concludes my very someawe blog for a eachother and above all..Love ME...:oops:

Cheers everyone!!