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My Top 3 Fears.Lto_thaGruesome Creatures.

Alright.Here are my top 3 fears.

Yes,gross...Spiders are gross.I hate them.I have arachnaphobia,for real.
I can't walk past them,I can't look at them..They gross me out.They scare the living s*** out of me.
Just take a goddamn look at them.
Thanks Lara.Much love.

Moving on.Up Next!
This is not a creature but a huge fear of me nonetheless.

Oh God...I can't stand heights.I never go in rollercoasters.I never stand on the rooftops of tall buildings and so on.
There's not much to say about heights.I like tall building,mountains...but I would never look down from them.
I'm not the one that took that picture.Nat Geo did.They have people crazy enough to do it.
Also Discovery>Nat Geo.

Anyway,we're moving away from the heights and spiders and go on with my 3rd FEAR.Love the game btw.2nd,not so much.

Alright,my 3rd fear.

Alright.Don't get me wrong.I love dinosaur movies.Love 'em,adore them,might share a bed with them.
But what I'm afraid of is being face to face with a dinosaur.Carnivores specifically.
They just eat you,no questions asked.Well,not me.I would never go to visit the island if they clone dinosaurs.
Even if I get paid to visit,I wouldn't go.Screw you,Hammond.
Alan was badass enough to lure the f***ing huge,angry T-rex away from the car with the children in it.
I WOULD NOT.They asked for it themselves,shining with lights and s***.Sorry Hammond.Your grandchildren suck and your park sucks.

So we went through my top 3 fears.I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that there are other people out there that share the same fears of spiders,heights and dinosaurs.

Also,a nice picture for the people that are interested.
Not related,but f*** it.
Open this picture in another window to see it in full if you can't.

Thanks for reading!