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Most Amazing Thing Happened.

Ok...So today I had to go take a number 2...Real bad.
But,problem was,I couldn't make myself do it.I couldn't take a number 2,although I really had too.
I went 3 times...I was just sitting there and waiting for it.Like when you go to the doctor but there's still a patient in and you try to decide whether to read a magazine or not,but you don't want to because you might see the doctor in the second you're picking up the magazine...Anyway,I tried for the 4th time.Again,the same thing.Although this time I got this idea.
I took my cellphone and played the song Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner.
Guess what...It worked.In that moment I was able to get number 2 done.
It felt great.

Just wanted to share that with all of you.
Remember,in case of constipation...Ride of the Valkyries.
Thanks Wagner :)