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InstaSpoil Posts.Yeah,you heard me!

Instaspoil posts.This happened to me before and I hate it.
You're talking about a movie,game,book and so on and you see a person's opinion about it.
I'm going to use an example...An obvious spoiler.If you haven't watched the Titanic or never heard of the event,please skip this part..

I loved the movie.DiCaprio amazed me.He was so convincing when the boat started sinking.

You see that!
One moment this person is talking about DiCaprio's acting and another moment he just spoils the movie.
There was this post on SW about Resistance 2.This dude was talking about his favorite weapon when he immediately switched to spoil mode.Just in an instant.No spoiler tags,no colored text saying "SPOILERS AHEAD"...Nothing.

Anyone experienced this?
Share my rage.