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I saw Dragonforce and Turisas live!!!(pics inside)

Yes,I saw Turisas and Dragonforce live.I was going to the concert to see Dragonforce actually,but Turisas turned out to be a really good surprise.
Both bands were really awesome.

Turisas played: The Messenger,Rasputin,Battle Metal,One More and some other songs I can't remember.
Dragonforce played: Soldiers of the Wasteland,Heroes of our Time,Fury of the Storm,Reasons to Live,The Warrior Inside,The Last Journey Home,Operation Ground and Pound,Valley of the Damned and Through the Fire and Flames.


Both were amazing live.
And especially how everybody likes to go around saying Dragonforce can't play for ****...Here's some advice for the haters..Try and see the band LIVE before saying they suck LIVE.
Herman and Sam both pulled of all the solos without any errors and ZP's voice was mindblowing.


I also got to shake Sam's and Frederique's hand.ZP commented on my facial hair that it looked good :P

The vocalist of Turisas said I looked like a good drinker and also said that the beer in America tasted like piss and that he was glad he was back in Europe where the real beer is.
The girl with the accordion and Vadim had a showdown that was quite awesome.

Here are some other pics.1 2 3
I must apologise for the quality...I was in a moshpit trying to take pics with my cellphone..not the easiest task.