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I finally have a Rank that matches ME!

Level 35 and my rank's name is Stitches.
Holy sweet Jebus LG!!What the hell does THAT mean!!?!!?

Yes,I'll explain.Quite simple worthy?It's either this or an OT post and they'll probably kick my ass into blogtopia so here it goes.

I've had an accident when I was 7.It involved me and a window in an epic battle...the epic part isn't true although a shopped gif of that situation would make it quite epic.

Anyway I punched throught that window(yea,tough guy I is >_>) and it sucked,there was blood everywhere,I was mother came in yelling: HOLD ON,DEAR,I'M CALLING YOUR FATHER!!!
After a few moments I pulled my arm out of the window..yea I wasn't really planning on taking the door to the hospital..what a sight that would be :?
My father came home from work and brought me to the hospital.(I think he even facepalmed when he saw the wounds).Anywho/how/where I arrived at the hospital and they patched (1.02 it was back then..I'm at 1.07 now) me up.Bandage and...STITCHES..YES..LOTS AND LOTS OF STITCHES!!!..there you have it.
After a few months they had te remove the STITCHES(I'm having a laugh here,I really am) and now I have 3 (cool,hideous) scars.Baddas am confirmed ?!)..Not really.
Anyway thought I should share this with my fellow GS'ers.
The weather still sucks though:roll:.Greetzzz!!!