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My Dark Knight Thoughts!


The Dark Knight

Yes,yes,yes.I saw the Dark Knight.What a movie that was,indeed.It was amazing,breathtaking,freaking sweet.
And then you peeps ask: "But..Why Lto_thaG?"...I'll tell you why.
The movie locations,the acting,the actors,the story..All perfect.I loved it from the very beginning 'till the very end and I was really depressed when the movie ended...It just shouldn't.
Batman,The Joker,Harvey and so on.All actors perfectly fit for the role.
The Joker is probably one of my favorite characters of all time now.I'm not kidding.
Heath's performance was amazing..Unbelievable actually.He was made for that part.
The story itself was pretty awesome,the whole mafia things and such...I don't really wanna talk about it too much because I am afraid I'm gonna spoil a few things.
On a side note.The movie was spoiled by a 'fellow' GS user.He was mature enough to post the ending for a few of us users,but fear not.I will not do the same to you guys.I am quite human.
I can't wait for this baby to come out on DVD.I hope there's gonna be a special edition or something.I'll be getting that immediately.
Anyway I just thought I should share my quick thoughts about this masterpiece.If you haven't seen it,then you should as quick as possible.This movie is good even when you're not a fan of the comic books or the DC universe.Go watch it now!

Thank you for reading.
By the way..I'm working on my Joker now,things are going quite good.

RIP Heath Ledger

10 days and 7 games finished.Mini-Reviews inside.

I got my ps3 back 10 days ago.I've been playing like hell.
7 games:MGS4,GTA4,HAZE,Bad Company,Lost Planet,Condemned 2,DMC4

I'm gonna tell you short if I liked them.A mini-review you could say :)
Every game will have 3 emoticons and they'll tell you how I felt about the game.

Metal Gear Solid 4::cry:;):o
Big MGS fan.I loved it.It blew my mind how to story went.Going through all the levels was pure fun.Amazing visuals and top-notch sound.Going through all the battlefields was just amazing.Top game...yes,I cried..

Grand Theft Auto 4::D:shock::?
It's the first GTA that shocked me with its graphics.The game looks really good.It's pure fun to play.Takes quite awhile to beat it,but the game stays fun.Although when I first started playing I had a tough time with the controls.They have changed a lot.More animations,cover system,driving.You'll get used to it though...But they need to do something about that cellphone,sometimes it's too much.Good game nonetheless.

I don't like this game one bit.The game didn't amuse me at all.The gameplay was boring and so was the level design.The story is weird,easy to follow,but so generic.Graphics?..No looks flatout bad...atleast the framerate's steady..I expected much more from Free Radical,just look at TimeSplitters.
HAZE is a no-go..Avoid it.

Battlefield:Bad Company::lol::shock::)
Bad Company is pure fun.Fun shooting,blowing **** up never gets boring and in this game everything blows up.Win.The game has a sense of humor too.The cutscenes crack me up.The characters are very entertaining.Fun campaign.Story is 'meh',but just amusing to follow and finish.Lots of weapons and explosions.Graphical beast,yes..It has some amazing draw distances.Not once did I see a framerate dip.Single player can't keep you entertained?Try Multiplayer,fun.Battlefield on consoles worked better out than I thought.

Condemned 2::|:):twisted:
Condemned 2...It's a good game.Although I prefer the first one.This one wasn't a letdown.New combat system,weapons system changed a bit.Story was good,although very exaggerated..But good nonetheless.The graphics were good but not much of an improvement.Fighting is fun.A lot of melee and gunfights.Very entertaining.The game is still scary as hell...There was this one level that was really really scary.Nearly pissed myself on that one.Condemned is a good game.Fun to play,following the story.Multiplayer is 'meh',wasn't really necessary in my opinion.Try it atleast.


Lost Planet::shock::)8)
I'll start with the environments and bosses and beasts.Both blew my mind.I loved the snowy plains and cities.The underground,base levels were good but not as mindblowing as outside.Speaking about mindblowing..This game has some crazy beasts and bosses.Really big and so cool to fight against.It's a simple third person shooter,but shooting those bugs just doesn't get boring.The story is good,not much but worth following.Graphics?It has some good graphics,big environments..although it has some framerate issues.One thing that bothered me though..At the back of the gamecase it said 12 missions.Yet I only finished 11 and the game was over,anyway there's still Multiplayer to keep you busy.Also fun to play.Good game,check it out.

Devil May Cry 4::D8):o
Big fan of the DMC franchise.I had to check this one out.Well I can't say that I'm a big fan of Nero.He's fun to fight with,using Red Queen,Blue Rose and his Devilbringer.Fun to fight.When you're done playing with him you get to play with Dante(Oh hell,YEAHH)...Not quite..I love the fighting in this game.Fast-paced,combo-killing and so on.But Dante didn't offer much new comparing it to DMC3.Most of the moves are the same.You still have your 4 st yles and you can change them in real time.Still a fun game to play with a good story.Check it out.Fans should definitely check this out.
Trish is hot like hell by the way(pun not intended).

That was it people,thank you for reading a wall of...My opinion.
Hope you enjoyed these games as much as I did,besides HAZE.
Tell about your experiences with these games.
Happy gaming everyone!

My dog just died...

Yea,today my dog died..His name was Tipsy,I loved him.He's gone now.
Not much I can say about it,although it sucks because I will not see him anymore.I got him for my birthday when I was 7 years old.
Losing a pet can really give a good sting in your heart.I always wondered what it would feel like,losing one of your own pets...Now I know.
Thank you for reading.

Look what I've got!!

I'm gonna be busy for a while now :)
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