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CODwin's Law.

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Call of Duty approaches one."

That is all!!

Greetz :3

My Top 3 Fears.Lto_thaGruesome Creatures.

Alright.Here are my top 3 fears.

Yes,gross...Spiders are gross.I hate them.I have arachnaphobia,for real.
I can't walk past them,I can't look at them..They gross me out.They scare the living s*** out of me.
Just take a goddamn look at them.
Thanks Lara.Much love.

Moving on.Up Next!
This is not a creature but a huge fear of me nonetheless.

Oh God...I can't stand heights.I never go in rollercoasters.I never stand on the rooftops of tall buildings and so on.
There's not much to say about heights.I like tall building,mountains...but I would never look down from them.
I'm not the one that took that picture.Nat Geo did.They have people crazy enough to do it.
Also Discovery>Nat Geo.

Anyway,we're moving away from the heights and spiders and go on with my 3rd FEAR.Love the game btw.2nd,not so much.

Alright,my 3rd fear.

Alright.Don't get me wrong.I love dinosaur movies.Love 'em,adore them,might share a bed with them.
But what I'm afraid of is being face to face with a dinosaur.Carnivores specifically.
They just eat you,no questions asked.Well,not me.I would never go to visit the island if they clone dinosaurs.
Even if I get paid to visit,I wouldn't go.Screw you,Hammond.
Alan was badass enough to lure the f***ing huge,angry T-rex away from the car with the children in it.
I WOULD NOT.They asked for it themselves,shining with lights and s***.Sorry Hammond.Your grandchildren suck and your park sucks.

So we went through my top 3 fears.I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that there are other people out there that share the same fears of spiders,heights and dinosaurs.

Also,a nice picture for the people that are interested.
Not related,but f*** it.
Open this picture in another window to see it in full if you can't.

Thanks for reading!

InstaSpoil Posts.Yeah,you heard me!

Instaspoil posts.This happened to me before and I hate it.
You're talking about a movie,game,book and so on and you see a person's opinion about it.
I'm going to use an example...An obvious spoiler.If you haven't watched the Titanic or never heard of the event,please skip this part..

I loved the movie.DiCaprio amazed me.He was so convincing when the boat started sinking.

You see that!
One moment this person is talking about DiCaprio's acting and another moment he just spoils the movie.
There was this post on SW about Resistance 2.This dude was talking about his favorite weapon when he immediately switched to spoil mode.Just in an instant.No spoiler tags,no colored text saying "SPOILERS AHEAD"...Nothing.

Anyone experienced this?
Share my rage.


Most Amazing Thing Happened.

Ok...So today I had to go take a number 2...Real bad.
But,problem was,I couldn't make myself do it.I couldn't take a number 2,although I really had too.
I went 3 times...I was just sitting there and waiting for it.Like when you go to the doctor but there's still a patient in and you try to decide whether to read a magazine or not,but you don't want to because you might see the doctor in the second you're picking up the magazine...Anyway,I tried for the 4th time.Again,the same thing.Although this time I got this idea.
I took my cellphone and played the song Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner.
Guess what...It worked.In that moment I was able to get number 2 done.
It felt great.

Just wanted to share that with all of you.
Remember,in case of constipation...Ride of the Valkyries.
Thanks Wagner :)

So...Summer's Coming!

See,I like summers...I think it's fun that it's so warm outside...Not too warm,though.

I think this summer will be pretty much like my previous one.
I remember I had a lot of fun previous summer,that summer opened another world for me.
Hung out with friends,did stuff,had laughs and so ****ing on.I hope this summer will be something similar.

I also want to make sure to play some games...I haven't been playing much lately although yesterday I downloaded the Transformers:War for Cybertron Multiplayer demo.I'm actually surprised.I like it very much.I've only played deathmatch and I'm a level 3 tank now...Yet,I'm surprised I don't have a girlfriend...Woe is me,I'll pretend I give a damn.

I might get this game when it's cheaper.I can't just rent it,because it's not allowed.Thank you very much beer-consuming,child-abusing Belgium.

Achja...I hope you guys and gals have some plans for this summer.

So,that's the end of this blog.

Thank you for reading!

I'm finally on Xbox Live!

Yeah...See the problem was,when I purchased my gold account(1 fricking year)...My 360 died.I had to send it to Microsoft.
And after 3 weeks I have it back.Didn't take that long.I bought Halo 3,and activated my Gold Account.
Playing online is fun.I haven't really put much time into it.

I will though.So if anyone wants to party up...I have some spare time in the weekends.Be sure to add me to your friends list.

And we'll play some Halo.


You Guys/Gals Get This Feeling?

Yeah...The feeling you should make a blog...But you don't know about what.It's weird.
You'd like to rant about things in life or maybe talk about problems..But you just hesitate every time you want to click the "post blog" button.

Maybe you're bored...But I am confused.
So that's why I want you guys/gals to tell me atleast one thing that has happened in your life in recent memory.
Positive,negative..Doesn't matter.Share something.You're the messenger,I'm the Carebear.


I saw Dragonforce and Turisas live!!!(pics inside)

Yes,I saw Turisas and Dragonforce live.I was going to the concert to see Dragonforce actually,but Turisas turned out to be a really good surprise.
Both bands were really awesome.

Turisas played: The Messenger,Rasputin,Battle Metal,One More and some other songs I can't remember.
Dragonforce played: Soldiers of the Wasteland,Heroes of our Time,Fury of the Storm,Reasons to Live,The Warrior Inside,The Last Journey Home,Operation Ground and Pound,Valley of the Damned and Through the Fire and Flames.


Both were amazing live.
And especially how everybody likes to go around saying Dragonforce can't play for ****...Here's some advice for the haters..Try and see the band LIVE before saying they suck LIVE.
Herman and Sam both pulled of all the solos without any errors and ZP's voice was mindblowing.


I also got to shake Sam's and Frederique's hand.ZP commented on my facial hair that it looked good :P

The vocalist of Turisas said I looked like a good drinker and also said that the beer in America tasted like piss and that he was glad he was back in Europe where the real beer is.
The girl with the accordion and Vadim had a showdown that was quite awesome.

Here are some other pics.1 2 3
I must apologise for the quality...I was in a moshpit trying to take pics with my cellphone..not the easiest task.

Oh my God!What just HAPPENED!?

YOU SAW THAT!!!...Well that's it for me..No more 'stitches'..yea,the rank's gone.
Now I'm a Radical Ninja...oooh,sounds dangerous..And to think I like Pirates more.
Radical Pirate...No..Ninja..because they're so COOL.Anyway,enough Rank ranting..Here's some regular 'let me talk about some things in my life' crap.

Where to start...

School:Yes,I'm doing excellent in school.Now all these exams are coming up,so its gonna be study,study,study all damn day...But after that!!!
A nice vacation..aah yes...Christmas,presents,family,snow..And temperatures far below zero...Awesome you say?A big 'nay' say for me :roll:

Social Life:Yea,the social thing hurts more than a knife in my buttcheek.Well...Do I have a girlfriend..No,Nein,Neen...Simple put...I have yet to find one that meets my high awesome standards..And to think I'm being 'modest' here...Yea..right,LG :(
A FG or as 'normal' people like to say Firlgriend...has not yet crossed my path..but than again neither has a four legged the could be could be raining...:|..I'll shut up about that.

Games:Yes,games..quite a big part in my life.Today I bought BIA:Earned in Blood and I'm playing FF7..on the pc.Both fun games.And I'm gonna start playing San Andreas Multiplayer again soon.My Wii...still untouched...Well that thing that sometimes lights up.Yay for innuendos :roll:...But I will be getting a game for it soon.Don't know which..So I'm open for some recommendations :)

And..I saw Max Payne..Wasn't bad and wasn't good.Mediocre.Do I wanna see it again?YES...Am I gonna buy the DVD?YES!

That concludes my very someawe blog for a eachother and above all..Love ME...:oops:

Cheers everyone!!

I finally have a Rank that matches ME!

Level 35 and my rank's name is Stitches.
Holy sweet Jebus LG!!What the hell does THAT mean!!?!!?

Yes,I'll explain.Quite simple worthy?It's either this or an OT post and they'll probably kick my ass into blogtopia so here it goes.

I've had an accident when I was 7.It involved me and a window in an epic battle...the epic part isn't true although a shopped gif of that situation would make it quite epic.

Anyway I punched throught that window(yea,tough guy I is >_>) and it sucked,there was blood everywhere,I was mother came in yelling: HOLD ON,DEAR,I'M CALLING YOUR FATHER!!!
After a few moments I pulled my arm out of the window..yea I wasn't really planning on taking the door to the hospital..what a sight that would be :?
My father came home from work and brought me to the hospital.(I think he even facepalmed when he saw the wounds).Anywho/how/where I arrived at the hospital and they patched (1.02 it was back then..I'm at 1.07 now) me up.Bandage and...STITCHES..YES..LOTS AND LOTS OF STITCHES!!!..there you have it.
After a few months they had te remove the STITCHES(I'm having a laugh here,I really am) and now I have 3 (cool,hideous) scars.Baddas am confirmed ?!)..Not really.
Anyway thought I should share this with my fellow GS'ers.
The weather still sucks though:roll:.Greetzzz!!!

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