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Anyone still out there?

Well, ive really not been on here for, well...years haha!
Just wondering if anyone i used to follow or followed me still comes on here on the regular?
Also reading through all my old blog post was cringe worth, good god.

Yeah, speak soon?...

*waves* yeah it's been a while....

Dont know if you guys remember me, ye olde LT8653, well you know, i've not been on since 'January 2nd' hahaha xD

Well I do have good reason hear me out C:

For one, i now have a job, which takes up a lot of my time, but provides me with beautiful monies! For Video Gaming goodness you may think?!?!

But you'd be wrong.

'Amazingly' LT8653, AKA Lewis, has himself a girlfriend, and she's been putting up with me ever since Feb 6th eh! :L

So thats where the other half of my time, and the majority of my money is going :L

Now, i'm going to try start to blog again, and fill you guys in on gaming, and life stuffs in general.

So yeah, hi, how are you all doing, anything interesting i've missed in the last 6-7 months? :L

Good day! ^______^


Happy new year, and ten facts...

So first of all let me say Happy new year to everyone and I hope 2010 is a great year for you all, and everything runs smoothly for one and all ^^

And secondly let me say I have to come up with 10 more facts on myself, thanks to Geoff-uk123, thanks for that man :L

So shall we get started?

1. I own possibly the coolest hoodie on the planet...

2. During 2009 I developed a huge crush on no less than Karin Axelsson, from the band 'Sonic Syndicate' who to be fair are an okay band, but she makes them worth it, so Karin yes please, maybe right now? okay thats great...C: haaa

3. I am currently debating wheter to dye my hair some crazy colour again (for those of you who've followed my blogs for a while you'll have seen my pink haired pictures, if not just scroll trough a couple of my bloggs to see) plainly for the fact i'm bored with my hair, it sucks.

4. I have an unrivaled hatered for the sorry excuse of music makers that are N-Dubz, I hate these jokers with a passion, and I hate that idiot with the stupid hats. I'm sorry do you think it's cool to wear a stupid hat in a stupid way? Stop been a fool, and c'mon do you actually listen to your song lyrics before you release them? for pittys sake man....Yeah I don't like them...

5. Did I mention I don't like N-Dubz? haha kidding. For number 5, did you all know that Lewis (thats me by the way) always wants what he can't have? I'll leave you all to work that one out haha (Y)

6. I want to get married and have children one day, yes thats right. big deal huh?

7. 2009 was the year I decided I was glad I bought my PS3, was a great year of gaming, and a great year for the PS3, I love my PS3 it makes the boredom go away :L

8. Did you know that before I get out of the shower I have to do a final 30 seconds 'countdown' before I get out, and if I lose count I have to start from 30 again? Now thats a odd habbitt right? :D

9. I'm a great listener and will go out of my way to help someone out or make someone feel better, because it's important to have somebody there in a time of need, nothing worse than dealing with problems with no one to talk to, so yes gamespot, I shall be your agony aunt if you like :L!

10. And finally, in 2009 I had my ass handed to me by a female, which turned out to be humiliating since as I had promised so much, yet very satisfying at the same time. And by getting my ass handed to me I don't mean she kicked my ass....I'll let your brains do some work for a change, I refuse to feed you all with silver spoons for pittys sake :L

And there you go 10 wonderful facts about me which no doubt bored the heck out of you all :D
but blame Geoff-uk123 haha :D
I wont tag any of you, i'll shave you the humiliation ;)

Thanks a bunch for reading guys, appreciate it, thankssss :D


Just a quick one!

*insert Pun here* haha :D
Anywayyyyy just a quick blog guys and gals to say I hope you all had a great christmas and got everything you wanted, hope you all enjoyed your chiristmas lunch too! I know I did! :P

Yeah I thought i'd wish you all the best before my horrid horrid blog post on my *10 things about me* which one of my lovely lovely firends tagged me in, thanks man, you know who you are! :L

Well I shall see you all tomorrow, and I shall comment on all your bloggs tomorrow too, take care everyone :)

It snowed :)....So meet Serj ;)

Yes we finally got some snow in this dull old City of mine! it came down quite heavy last night so imagine my delight when I woke up to some nice crisp white snow in my back garden this morning :P
I don't know what it is about the snow, but I'm sure it's the same for many of you but it just turns me into a big kid, and I have to either throw it around or make a snowman! haha, yeah I am 20years old by the way....
Anywayyyy I decided to build a snowman, took a while, because it was harder than I thought ^o)
My moms BF helped out for a little while which was good, because man it was cold!

But yeah anyway I made the snowman, used lightbulbs for eyes, a finger of some rubber gloves for his nose, gave him my scarf, twigs for arms and a 'Nintendo' hat :D
haha great fun :)

He is Serj!

He's called serj, and yes he is very skinny, but ah well :P Plus he's kinda big, bear in mind i'm 6ft 4" haha :P

Well hope you got some giggles out of that anyway.

I shall be back blogging very soon folks, take care everyone, thanks :D


Beautiful new banner, cheers sir!

As you can see my profile now has a new banner, all thanks to Emeraldhillzone! He's done a cracking job as usual, and for those of you who don't know he made my last banner too.
As much as I like Reno it was time for a change, and Ghost works quite well, and it looks pretty smart.

So all compliments send to Emeraldhillzone, and check out his profile too, he bloggs a fair amount and they're all pretty interesting, so yeah check it out guys! Thanks a lot buddy appreciate it :D


p.s - Oh i'm going to do my top 5's soon, starting with something 'interesting' muhaha :P

A few little updates for you all ^^

Well Hi there guys and gals hope you're all holding up well, and all is cheery at this time of the year :)
Well I thought i'd fill you all in on a few things i've done since my last post, so here goes?

First off I went to see Paramore yesterday in Manchester, and long story short they were super awesome, I got loads of videos, mainly of Hayley ;) but it's a shame my phone sucks something rotten and all the quality is poor otherwise i'd share a few with you guys =[
But no really enjoyed myself, and I actually adore Hayley even more now, she's even more beautiful in the flesh than I ever imagined ;) Now i'll move on, i'm not obsessed with her honest :D
They were supported by 'YouMeAtSix' who if i'm honest, I wasn't a great fan of going into this, but I have to say i've really changed my opinion on them, as they're fantastic live, created a real buzz before the 'main event' or so to speak. Funny how bands sound nothing like stuff on their CD's and yet are so much better for it!
There was another two supporting bands who's names for the life of me I can't remember, one was called 'PaperRoute' I think? Ah well i'm not sure, but really enjoyed my night, as I got the tickett last minute off a friend who had a spare ^^

Ermmm on the gaming front, well havn't had tonns of time to game recently, but i've tried to get some 'good work' in as it where ;) lets see, I'm slowly improving on MW2, although saying that I had a really bad dozen games or so a few days back last time I played, but I managed to rack up a nice 44K-4D score which I was proud of, and then followed by a nive 38K-0D which took my highest killstreak from 25 to 38 :) Ermmm i think my K-D ratio is something like 1.54 now, not fantastic but hey, it could be worse right?
And thats all i've really played recently I guess? Oh no hang on I lie to you i'm afraid! I actually started my DragonAge:Origins again anddd i'm almost up to where I was before in half the time so no damage done I guess ^o)
Oh right yeah, I also downloaded a few demos, Bayonetta whichhh is okay at best I suppose, having an 'attractive' lead character is probably the only thing the game had going for it out of the ordinary, combat was frustrating and was a hack and slash button masher pretty much....Saying that I love the Dynasty Warriors series :P
Also downloaded fairytale fights, which blew ass big time i'm affraid, can you even pass that off as a demo? You're trying to sell the thing to me actually make an effort with your demo! Yes the kills are kinda funny at times with heads, arms and legs flying all over the place, but the white room is just boring, doesn't show off your games potential i'm afraid (N)

I guess thats all i've got to tell you guys?..
Oh hang on a sec, it's comming back to me I think?
I may start with my top 5 lists again, noticed a few of you doing those, like top 5 of the year so I may tag along if y'all don't mind!?If you do, write me and post your complaints to...
Well i'm not gonna tell you where I live...unless you're dead curious like ;)

But no.
I'm mumbling.

I do that often...So.

Yep on that bouncing bombshell I hope you all got a small amount of joyment from my blog at least, and if not how can I make you smile, I can do a number of things to cheer you guys up?
Okay thanks guys much appreciated as usual, thanks a bunch :)

P.S - Sorry for not replying to you guys on my last blog post I thought i'd say thanks very much to all of you who read it and interacted with me now. So thanks guys really do appreciate it, take care ^^


Life is a funny thing eh?

So you know, don't you think life is kinda wierd how that, even though things seem to be going quite bad for you, you end up feeling happy inside?
I mean for me, i've lost my job recently, and trying to find a new one is difficult, especially this time of year, yet I feel really happy within myself. I feel motivated, hence why i've been getting myself into shape the past week or so by going on daily runs and doing pushups, sit-ups etc.
I'm jobless and pennyless, yet I feel happy, I smile more I feel happier, I can get into deeper conversations with people. I dunno i just feel happy, thats good right :D
i'll section this off so you dont have to read everything :P

Job Front!

On the job front i'm willing to do anything at the moment, alhough next year i'm looking at joining the fire service, I want to do something more rewarding you know, kinda makes sence right? I've looked into whats involved and it'll be tough, but i'm not quitter! :D
My friends have been sending my job advertisements they found on the internet for what I should do, they all think they're funny might I add! a couple of the funniest been 'Clothes model wanted' - I'm not model material haha 'Dish washer wanted' - I'd go nuts, 'Milkman' - I have to say I conciderd this, but the early mornings would kill me. Now my old work collegue sent me the best too offers haha they were as follows 'Large males wanted for the adult industry, great starting pay' - Now you do understand they dont mean large in the, i'm 6ft 4" department haha, it did make me chuckle, not my cup o' tea though :P and the other was 'Male Escort wanted' - Again i'm not too sure what my old work collegue thinks of me but haha, I doubt i'd be good at this or the other job xD


Well since as the site is about games, guess I should talk about games eh! :D
Well what have I been playing recently? MW2 mainly, finished the story, but been playing lots online, i'm so inconsistent though, and it gets kinda frustrating at times. I mean one game i'll win by 10 or 12 kills to deaths, then the next i'll even it, it's anoying! I think my best game so far it 44K-4D, which isn't too shabby I dont think ^o)
I've also been playing DragonAge:Origins, but i'm stuck and need to start again I think.... I've played about 11 hours, but I went to a place I wasn't meant to earlier in the story, and now when i actually have to go there I can't activate part of the quest, because i've done it already, yet it says I have to do it. Urghhh k,inda anoying you know ^o) Non the less I think it's a fun game, and will more than likely start again, seeing as I have a lot of free time!
Been playing fifa10 a fair amount too, I know it's not everyones cup o' tea, but I like it. plus I scored a goal when amazingly drunk and could only see blurs on the TV, I actually recorded it! I'm not putting it up though because i sound stupid haha :P

On a personal note!

So whats going on, at the personal side of Lewis eh? Well not too much interesting. Like I said i'm getting in shape, i'm fed up of been out of shape, fat and lazy haha! I got horrendously drunk last thursday; scored a goal on fifa when I was ;), and said some silly things to people on MSN haha. Which I had to appologise for the next day! haha, shesh 'dont go online when you get home' I really should've listened. 'cause you know when you think someones pleasing to the eye, but when you talk to them, you dont think it's really nececary to tell 'em? Unfortunatley when you're drunk, that doesn't come into play so you make a fool of yourself. Thankfuly she though it was ''funny'' & ''Sweet'' so no bridges burnt haha!
And speaking of females, i'm kinda fed up of been single now, yes I know i'm not a hugely attractive guy, but surley i'm 'passable' haha. Plus right, i'm nice to everyone, friendly, I try make people laugh as much as I can, and yet I never get interest, it's kinda demoralising you know. I can't say I havn't got interest, but it's just impractical at the moment, due to one thing or another ^o) yeah anyway haha, enough on that. Oh hang on, funnily enough it's almost a year to the day my last GF dumped my sorry a$$ haha! :D
Anything else interesting happening to me personaly? ermmmm gosh good question, i'm not too sure, if I think of something I shall let y'all know!
Oh actually, i'm thinking of dying my hair some crazy colour again, any suggestions? (if you didn't see my pink hair, look back through a couple of my bloggs)

Christmas related

Now when asked ''Lewis what do you want for christmas?'' I simply reply ''Nothing at all, seriously nothing''. Thats because theres just nothing I want, I mean i'm 20 years old now, and christmas just isn't what it used to be, i'm sure a lot fo you guys and gals know what i'm talking about here? But yeah, dont get me wrong, i'd love to see a nice big well paid job under the tree, and a gorgeous gal in my christmas stocking; yes the pun was intended, but seriously thats not the sort of gifts you can get unfortunatley!
But i am getting in the christmas spirit a little though, even though i'm 20 I do have an advent calender :P that little boost of chocolate every morning really starts the day off :D Yes I am a big kid at heart :D
I hope it snows too, I love the snow it's just great, yes it's cold ad makes your clothes and stuff wet, but I love it! Can't remember the last 'white christmas' we had =[=[

And thats a wrap folks, well let me appologise for my poor typing in this blogg and awful spelling, but i'm tired and can't be botherd to check it all, I know it's a mess but you should be able to make sence of it...If you have any questions as to what I mean just ask :D

If you read it all bravo, if not, I still thank you for visiting my page!

Much appreciated guys, thanks very much!


My epic Halloween costume xD

Wow I havn't blogged in such a long time, and it seems like I promised you guys a humungous blogg about stuff eh...
Welll I dunno if thats gonna happen, because well, even though lots and lots has happened in my life since then, not a lot of it is 'brag-worthy', even though some of it as been on a level of unexplainable awesomeness (Tom knows what i'm talking about haha ;)) it's not really for here *ahem* Anyway you probably get the picture.
But no, I thought it'd be polite to write a quick blog, to let you all know i'm still alive and visiting the site ^^
Welll here is my lovely halloween costume, yes it's Tigger....and yes it's scary! :P And as you'll also see, my friends didn't dress up...even though they said they would :D Non the less they got called boring, and the amount of random peoples photo's i've ended up in, is unreal :D

As you can see I was very scary ;)

Haha thats me been scary ;)

Andddd as you can also see, my friends are very boring :D

haha :D

Okay so thats all for now folks, but I will be back on a more regular basis with little blogs like this to let you know how things are going, i'm just really swamped at the moment.
Thanks for reading guys and gals!


Prepare for a huge blog, this is just a quick one before hand.

Well I havn't blogged for a while now, and a lot has happened in my life since then, both in 'the real world' and with my gaming life.
Things have changed at work, things have changed with friends, things have changed with my 'love life'.

So in dedication to all of this, i am going to be writing a humongus blog in the up coming weeks with everything I have to discuss like family, friends, events, gaming, women, sports all sorts.

Don't worry yourselves, if theres only a little area you want to read rather than the whole thing, i'm gonna section it all, i'm also gonna put pictures in it to brighten it up for y'all.

If you end up reading it all thanks, much apreciated, if you don't and only read a section i'm still pleased.

So here's a toast to a huge blog in preperation (Y)

Thanks guys :)