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I stand by my DS

There are many great gaming platforms out there, but for me it's still all about the DS. Not because it's the most super-fantastic technology, because it's a gaming platform that means I can still play games despite having no time! (Other than a long commute). So when faced with the options in CNET's Greatest Gadget competition it had to be the DS for me. It's up against the Apple-istas so who knows what the final result will be, but I'm hoping a few gamers will head over and vote to put up a fight against the iPhone!

Last game on the DS was a disappointment though - Edgeworth was, frankly, dull. Looking forward to Puzzle Quest 2 and Professor Layton arriving at Xmas though. HINT. My new year's resolution is going to be to get some 360 time though. Our TV died this week so it's been replaced and the games that Mr J still somehow has time to play look awesome on it!

Anyone else writing their Xmas list already?

Adventuring with Miles

I can't work out if the Miles Edgeworth Investigations game, the latest in the Ace Attorney series, is easier than Pheonix Wright/Apollo Justice or if I've just got better at the games. I'm into my third turnabout and haven't had to use a single game guide yet - which is great, I just wonder if the game is easier? I like the new format (although the controls for moving characters around the room are a bit wobbly) but I'm finding myself missing the courtroom battles. Anyone else tried the game out? Whaddya reckon?

Zelda has landed

Oh yeah, commuting is fun again! And the best part is, I'd forgotten about the pre-order, so it was like an early Xmas present when the post arrived on Saturday :-)

It's over...

Yesterday I completed the very last puzzle within Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. All 153, completed. Nothing left to find. No stone left unturned. I should probably be happy but I'm really going to miss it. Except those &*(&(%$*) ones where you have to shift the blocks around to move something through to the other side. Those, I hope I never see again.

Why demos can be torture

I recently had a look at (ok, ok, I played all of it) the demo for the new Miles Edgeworth game in the Ace Attorney series. Do I want to play it even more now? YES. Was I doing ok waiting until February before I played the demo? YES. Am I ok waiting until February now? NO.

Sometimes it's best not to find out how good something looks like it's going to be!

Tea and dedication

It had to end...I finished Prof Layton and Pandora's Box last week. The ending of the storyline actually brought a little tear to the eye - considering it's 'just' a puzzle game, the background story was quite moving. For just about the first time though, I'm determined to finish everything in the game (well, the first time since Worms on 360, anyway). I'm going back and finding all the puzzles, I'm playing the camera minigame, I've created all the blends of tea (with some help from a brilliant walkthrough on blogspot as I was going tea-bonkers), and my hamster is fit and ready (I'm guessing this all sounds a bit odd if you haven't played the game).

It's unusual, for me, to be this determined to finish up a game. There's definitely something about Layton that really hooks you in. An industry analyst told me recently that if a puzzle game captures people, they are the most dedicated fans of all. No idea of that's true, but it seems about right at the moment.

Henry Hatsworth is up next. I'm hoping that takes me through to the release of the new Zelda game!

(How am I still only level 30 on GameSpot?!)

Professor Layton to the rescue

Commuting is boring. Really, really boring. It's also the only way to get to work when you live out in the middle of nowhere (a slight exaggeration, but outside the M25, anyway). Luckily, my order of Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (why the Diabolical Box in the US? Do they not study mythology?) arrived on Friday and the game has, for the time being, solved the problem of boredom during commuting. I loved the first one, and this one is just as good - the storyline even feels a bit less forced. My brain was aching by the time I got to work this morning! I've only had to purchase hints once so far, because I just cannot do those 'take the longest route possible' puzzles. My brain doesn't seem to understand them.

Managed to sneak my way back onto the podcast last week, which was great fun. Next time (I'm being nice to Guy in the hope there will be a next time!) I'll even have played a game or two. The lads let me join them for a session on Beatles Rock Band on Friday afternoon, which was great fun. I grew up listening to my parents' Beatles albums and have always loved the music, although some of the lyrics were even more bonkers than I remembered. Despite my appalling singing, we even managed some triple-harmony successes. These music games, they could really take off.

Now, where's my DS charger?

It's that time...After 9 1/2 months off (I use the word 'off' loosely - it's hardly been a holiday!) I'm back at work. My role at what is now CBS Interactive has changed; I'm working within a central team. I'll still be working with GameSpot UK, but not as site manager. GSUK will remain in the capable hands of Guy, Alex, Luke and Mark. I'm hoping that if I'm nice to Guy he'll let me come and be a guest on the podcast. Go on Guy, you know you want to!

Coming back to work also means becoming a commuter again. Ergh. I've preordered the new Professor Layton game (and the new Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth game, but that's not out until February) but run into a slight hitch - sometime in the last 9 months I have put my DS charger 'somewhere safe'. Hopefully I'll find it before Layton is out on the 25th! Scribblenauts also looks really intriguing. It's very odd to have the time to even think about games...

A tale of two updates

Was it really May when I last blogged? Blimey this year has gone fast. My little tiny twins are now rolling all around the living room like proper little boys, and it's time to start thinking about going back to work. Not actually going back yet, mind, don't get carried away.

As life has settled down a bit lately, Mr J thought he'd rev up the Xbox 360 (which one of our boys has taken a bit of a shine too, so we have to keep rescuing it - must buy a cupboard) and actually play a game one evening. Imagine his joy when he discovered that as we haven't used it for so long, there were 90 minutes of updates! No game ever actually got played...we live in hope...

So proud

The little fellas are growing up and starting to roll around the living room (scary). One of them got all the way over to the bookshelf today, reached out and grabbed the cable for the steering wheel attachment we have for the 360. I'm so proud! It's a bit early for him to play GoW 2 in co-op (but his dad is working his way through the game to be ready when the boys are...) but it's a great start!

Hope all's well with you, I'm off to listen to the podcast and then go to bed!