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Woohoo! I survived first day! Plus some other random stuff

Yeah! I survived the first two days! And I'm almost enjoying myself!:) Well sort of.

Yesterday was first day of school where you spend the whole day listening to teachers saying stuff about their subject and telling you how much you're going to enjoy the year. Yeah right.

But this year had a few exceptions. Our French teacher didn't give us as much of that as the other teachers did which was great and she gave us some French bread with Nutella which was pretty good stuff. And then there was our history teacher, John Kwasny who we can call 'Kwasny' which is pretty cool. What's more cool is that he's probably the most relaxed teacher in the school. You can come late, leave without permission for the bathroom,chew gum (only if you give everyone else a peice) and on top of that, if you miss a quiz you don't have to take it. We don't even have to take notes-you just have to do a good job of pretending he says! But everybody who took his course tells us that he'll give you some difficult tests so I better take at least a few of those wretched notes. On the first day, he just talked to us about all sorts of random junk. And then the high schoolers came in. Apparently when you're in high school you can go to him and chat and when you're late, he'll give you a late note to excuse you. To give you an example, every fifteen minutes a few high schoolers come in for about 5 minutes each. Some come in to talk to him while others cause mayhem and some annoying few talk loudly among themselves in the back of the room. And no homework from him for the next two weeks! He's not giving us a test until December! I think I've died and gone to heaven...then I realise that he's just one teacher. All the others are generically dull teachers who gave me work to do on the first day :cry:.

Anyway there's something else that's been on my mind for a while. My PC's useless! It won't play anything new! But it was cutting edge when I got it which is a pain in the a** right now. So instead of getting a new PC which will be obsolete within two months I'm getting a console. I'm thinking ps3 mainly because Wii's have horrible graphics and a 360 will probably explode on me. You'd think that a PC that looked as sleek as this...

...would be able to do just about anything but it dosen't do any game from late 2007-2008. So I'll blow some of my cash on a ps3 instead of a new PC and be done with it. My dad's office has a really super-computer which I'm allowed to use which guzzles games like Crysis so I'll use that for games like Empire: Total War which I really want to play. I'm not giving up on PC gaming- I'm just going to play next-gen games on next-gen consoles. I'll still be doing a lot of strategy gaming still on my PC.

Also, there are loads of games coming out soon but I just can't buy all of them. Far Cry 2, Infamous,Cod WaW, Spore, Gears 2, Empire Total War and more. What do you suppose are the best games for the ps3 or PC coming out in the next six months? I want to buy all of them but I should exercise at least some restraint and not waste all my cash. Just wondered if you could tell me. I've bored you enough :lol:.....

Later guys 8)