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Into the Next-Generation charged the 500

Hey guys

So, yes I have turned my back on the cold wasteland known as PC gaming and gone towards that lovely heavenly island also known as Console gaming. Of course I'm still going to play a lot of upcoming PC games like Empire Total War but for games like Far Cry 2, I'll be playing it on my shiny ps3. People have been saying PC gaming is dead or dying for quite a while so I wanted to say I a few reasons why it's dead and why I've left it.

1. Piracy. Recently Assassins Creed for the PC sold 40000 in America. The pirated version in America was downloaded 700000 times. That's just an example of how much PC games are pirated. That means studios with pirated games make less money and so therefore, some have to close down. Fewer studios mean fewer games.

2. Economy. In case you haven't noticed our country is in the middle of a recession. People don't have buckets of money and credit to spend like they did before. We can't live our extravagant lives any more. We need to cut back on un-necessary expenses. If you get a gaming rig, in about one or two years it'll be obsolete. Meanwhile, consoles are cheaper and last longer. Yes, console games are expensive but games that came out a year ago are about $30. Take The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for example. Oblivion sells for a mere $30 and provides you with over 200 hours of epic RPG action! Any average American with a brain knows that buying a console saves money.

3. Games. Yeah Total War is pretty popular internationally. In America? Not so much. I know Total War is a fantastic series but, it doesn't appeal to the public. Console games like Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock band sell millions. The sorts of games you get on a PC generally aren't appealing to American consumers.

So there you have it. Why PC gaming is dead in America. PC gaming is still popular in the UK and Asia though. But piracy rates? Europe's piracy rate is 90% and in Asia it's apparently 'off the charts'. Over 100% perhaps?

I wrote that message up there so bangell99, PC gamings most loyal zealot and my friend, won't send me hate-mail. I doubt it though. I can already see his comments calling me 'traitor' or 'scum' or perhaps something fouler.

Anyway, so far I love my ps3. I got the PSN booted up. My PSNID is 'ilikegamesyo1'. I've played some Civilization Revolution, Grid and Battlefield Bad Company on it. Civilization Revolution is surprisingly good and meets the sky-high expectations set by its superb PC predecessors. (Civilization is a historic turn-based strategy. VERY addicting- seriously) Grid is a deep racing game although I've lost all my races since its so painfully hard. Yeah but so far I'm impressed with the ps3's features.

And as for school I'm actually having a good time. But my science teacher is a slow-talking Southern-belle who is so dry and dusty; she can send anyone into a coma if she talks for too long. Her lessons feel twice as long as they should. Anyway, all my other teachers are all right. So far I've failed one quiz, got 90%, 80% and 96% on my others. Not bad I guess. Well later guys....