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I'm Back

Yeah, I'm back from California. I went to the beach and some guy taught me how to surf on the towering Pacific waves. I fell off more times than I can count but I enjoyed myself anyway :D. I also played some games on his 360 and ps3. I played a game called Dead Rising which was a load of fun although it's a brain dead game. You're basically in a mall filled with zombies almost begging to be slaughtered with numerous weapons like DVD's, chainsaws, knives, pipes, clubs, bats, plants, pots, pans, cans, buckets, guns, blocks, CD's, and much more. Although the zombies are endless in numbers they're all weak which makes it even more fun when you're cutting through them like a knife through butter. I also had fun playing co-op in Gears of War and I played some GTA IV which was awesome. But Delta ruined the end of a perfect trip. They re-assigned us to so many flights that we got home 7 hours later then we originaly planned. I swear the CEO of Delta is either on crack or he is deliberately trying to make passengers trips a f****** nightmare. But overall the trip was still great so...

Later guys 8)

PS: Here's a good video of Dead Rising...