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I Hate all MMO's! Besides WoW.

I am now seriously angry. And scared. By the time you read this, I may be dead or seriously injured because what I'm about to say may insult several million hardcore MMO fans. Alright a week ago I bought a copy of Guild Wars and started playing it. Half an hour later I was already sick of it and wondering if I could return it before GameStop closed. I didn't get a receit so I had to sell it at half the price I bought if for! 15 good dollars down the drain!:cry: The next day I made an account on Runescape and tried to get into it. Again, half an hour later I was booting up Oblivion. Then, I got a trial account on Everquest 2. Once again, I didn't get into it. So why was I doing all this? I loved Wow but I've played it to death by now. I want to find another MMO that I will like but none of them have that breezy nature that Wow does. You can create a pretty good level 20 character in a week in WoW. (I'm talking about a school week here. And no, I didn't fail school because of WoW. I actually still did pretty well in school when I was playing it) But once I left WoW and went into other MMO's, I realised that I'd have to grind to get anywhere. And I don't want to spend hours upon hours of my summer in front of a computer screen just so I can get a Magical Pixie Fire Sword. Yes, I may get hate-mail from Guild Wars fans saying I can make a PvP only character but I don't really want a purely PvP game. I'm not going to spend countless hours killing boars/dragons/rats/other miscellaneous fantasy creatures so I can level up. It's just a pointless exercise. The only people who do that are hardcore gaming gods that somehow have hundreds of hours of spare time to waste on grinding. So, I once was a member of the MMO community but am now an outcast. Heed my warning and don't waste your life on MMO grinding. Later guys 8)