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Goin' West...

Hey guys whats up?

First off, I've just gotten Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (for $5! a bargain!). The game is simply amazing- way better than World of Warcraft will ever be. It's a bit like Warhammer 40k- in that it forces you to take the offensive rather than cower in your base until you have an army large enough to wipe out your foe. The story is told superbly via cut-scenes. The graphics weren't cutting-edge in 2003 and they're certainly not anything today. Also, there is no lip-sync which looks pretty awful. The characters just randomly open and close their mouths when they're talking. Which is a shame becuase the voice acting is top-notch. You're always playing to know what happens next. So far, I've finished the human campaign and am half-way through the undead campaign.

Secondly, I've just gotten my books for school. They scare me. All the books are huge and heavy-needless to say there is enough information in there to keep me bored for the best part of a year. On the bright side, my grades were high 80's low 90's last year which is good. The main reason I'm dreading school is the fact that my school is supposedly the best school in Savannah. (Trust me that's not saying much) So it attracts all of the rich snobs in town who talk about the elevators in their houses and the new Ferraris they have bought. Compared to them, I'm a dirt-covered peasant living in a mud hut. Obviously, most of them are not enjoyable schoolmates.

Thirdly, I'm going to California!:D My cousin is getting married so I've been forced to go across the country to watch him kiss the bride. (All my relatives in Australia aren't coming.They account for over 1/2 of the family!:lol: So I don't think the church will exactly be booming with people.Not a church-they're getting married on a beach!) I do know my cousin (the one getting married) has a X360. Maybe I could play some while I'm there :) I'm sort of dreading the wedding though...all the weddings I've attended ended in divorce! I've been to grand total of two. One of them required me to wear a tux, carry some rings, listen to the priest drone and then go to a long dinner ending with a speech. It took hours and they divorced only three months later! What a waste of a Friday afternoon...Anyway I'm going in two days and staying there for six. (I think) So...

Later guys 8)