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Assassin's Creed II, Trine, and Batman: Arkham Asylum!

Been gaming and doing school pretty hardcore with both, next week I have 2 days of class then all that is left is exams. I do not plan on having a full 18 credit semester again if I can manage it not an experience I want to go through again haha. Well hopefully things will calm down soon at least they will after exams.

Here are my most 3 recent games I have beaten's ratings...

Trine - 8/10

- Lost Vikings if instead of sucking they were awesome.

- Although not the best game I have played it was an innovative unique game that realy grabbed my attention and was alot of fun.

Assassin's Creed II - 9/10

- Great new combat and mechanics, alot better than the first Assassin's Creed in both story and gameplay. Overall it is a fantastic game and I have high hopes for the third in the series let us keep our fingers crossed this improvement continues.

- Although it was a big improvement it could have been better, climbing has been done better in games such as Prince of Persia.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - 7/10

- I could not believe it when I began playing it that a batman game actually had an awesome unique combat system but this one delivers.

- Cool combat and neat detective work makes for a good game. A lack of boss fights or any good boss fights for that matter is really depressing but the combat system would make it difficult.

- I have high hopes that the sequel will be better, lets hope it is.

PS - Batman: Arkham Asylum was my 26th platinum trophy, woot!

DING! Level 29, Radiant Silvergun!

Woot, it has been a massive amount of time since I gained a Gamestop level since my absence here. I am excited to be back and am looking forward to it. Last night I finished my 23th platinum trophy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and also got my first prestige also so now I have 100% in all 3 game modes.

This morning I decided to start Trine, it is alot of fun. I am about to finish my first playthrough on Easy collecting all of the experience, secrets, and random trophies. Afterwards I am going to play through on Very Hard to get the last two trophies to get my 24th platinum trophy! Mwa ha ha ha...

I should have it tommarow if it is a short one. If you haven't noticed I have made a little hobby out of collecting trophies in games that I play, it just adds to the fun of playing it you know.. Further achievement that just beating it.

Well glhf.

Rating system, and backlog of 10 Ratings!

My rating system is based on a 1 to 10 scale, this is not like my reviews it does not compare every game to the best games of all time. It is a more laid back and fun rating based on how entertaining the game was, I will be posting game rating everytime that I beat them. I am also putting up my most recent 10 games that I beat a good lineup if I say so myself minus a couple bad apples and some mediocrity.

Well it is glad to be back guys I hope to talk to you all more often. :D;)

Here is my last 10 game ratings:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – 9/10

- Quality campaign, characters and story blend well with the action.

- Fantastic multiplayer with fun modes, unlockables, and equipment.

- Special Ops add an extra single player and multiplayer addition to the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance II – 6/10

- Fun gameplay, could possibly be much more fun with friends.

- Nostalgic cast of characters.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert III – 4/10

- Interesting missions/objectives add a fun change to RTS gameplay.

- Terrible glitches including freezing, slow down, and no sound.

- EA has punished this series enough, once great now disgraceful.

Alone in the Dark: Inferno - 3/10

- Unique gameplay unfound in the game industry.

- Glitch filled combat and gameplay, poor execution.

Borderlands – 10/10

- Unique combination of RPG and FPS next executed well before.

- Cell Shaded art style and comedic theme of the game are unforgettable.

- Massive selection of weapons and the cast of characters to play as add fun game length.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – 8/10

- The sequel to a great game providing very similar gameplay and a new story.

- New unique events, enemies, and weapons add a new change to the game.

- Unfortunately the game was not quite up to hype I prefer the first game.

Fallout III: Game of the Year Edition – 10/10

- A great addition to a fantastic series, with new interesting twists.

- Post-Apocalyptic setting and the large wasteland provide a fantastic experience.

- High quality expansions add more fun with new unique experiences, weapons, and 10 more levels; the only drawback is the price if you had already bought the game.

Demon's Souls - 10/10

- Best PS3 RPG on the PS3 and probably my game of the year.

- Fantastic gameplay breathes new life into action based RPGs, focusing on a much more combat based mechanism instead of just a large world it excels amongst its peers.

- A good healthy dose of difficulty, many frown upon this but a challenge is not a fault.

Katamari Forever – 8/10

- Newest Katamari does not disappoint with new gameplay features on the PS3.

- Rolling around collecting 100% of the collectibles is great especially with trophies.

- Hilarious story is just as crazy as all of the other Katamari games.

Red Faction: Guerilla – 7/10

- Interesting FPS that adds in minor FPS elements with a world to explore.

- The selling point of the game is the ability to destroy anything in your environment.

Yes... I am Alive! Haha

Most people that actually read my blog probably thought I fell off a cliff and died; to your surprise! i AM still alive and I have just been swamped with school. With things calming down and having wireless internet of my own now I plan on being back here as much as possible. Unfortunatly from the pure time consuming point I can no longer write reviews for all of the games that I play... Although I do plan on using a rating system, in which I rate every game that I play and I will do reviews for certain games now and then. I will write more about this later but for now I must go to fencing class, tonight I will post my first ratings and go say hi to all my long lost gamestop buddies!



Super Mario Galaxy, Your Mario Fix... In Space!?

Hey guys, I have been getting on every once and a while to see what everyone is up to but I have been too busy to post anything. Hopefully with I will get some slack of school stuff and get to post more soon but we shall see. This is my first review I am posting in the new format I decided to make my reviews in so tell me how you like it. I break it down into storyline, gameplay, graphics, sound, and then the overall breakdown. Each section is rated 1 to 10 using .5 intervals, this was one of the main things I wanted to try out tell me if you think it works.

Well I should have another blog up soon with more information about what I am up to but for now I have to go to class cya guys. :P

- Super Mario Galaxy -

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Release: November 2007


As with each generations Mario game you are the red wearing plumber and you are almost always trying to rescue your Princess Peach. Being taken captive by the evil Bowser King of the Koopas, Mario rushes to save her from her peril but this time there is a unique twist. Bowser escaped out into space forcing Mario to follow in which he meets Rosalina. Rosalina controls a space center but the stars and grand stars that allow it to travel space were stolen. While you help Rosalina collect these stars each time you get one step closer to your goal of reaching the princess.

Although first thought I considered space exploration a bit out there, after playing it I was pleasantly surprised. The story provides an old-school Mario plot that you would expect to be less complex and with little character development. If we do not know the story of how this red obsessed head stomping plumber is desperately trying to save Princess Peach from the evil king Bowser I don't think we should be allowed near a Wii anyhow. I may be biased but I think that is how the old-school Mario games should be if it got too complicated it just wouldn't be the same anymore. 10/10


Obviously the fact that you are in space has a massive effect on the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy. It allowed them to add numerous cool new features such as gravitational changes (their favorite), moving between planets, flying, and much more. These changes add not only a lot of fun but a completely new aspect to the Mario platformers, this complexity is entertaining while in actuality still being very simple. I think Super Mario Galaxy was a huge jump forward and make platforming more appealing.

Another obvious gameplay factor in Galaxy is the Wii motion controls. Using these for lots of things such as spinning, shooting/collecting star bits, and much more adds a lot of activity to the otherwise mindless button mashing that some games fall to. At first I was very indefinite on if I would like these controls being somewhat unaccustomed to the Wii, but after playing through this I had decided that the Wii motion controls were not just a gimmick but a great feature anyone can enjoy. 10/10


Mario landing n the Wii also gives a new graphical power to the series it had yet to experience. Although cartoony the Mario games have a very nostalgic look to them that most people enjoy even if they criticize other games for it. These improvements in graphics advances the look but keeps it very similar, this allows the game to look great and very modern without looking realistic and losing the nostalgic theme that you see in it. 9/10


The music of the Mario games has always been exceedingly nostalgic and fun. Super Mario Galaxy does not disappoint, they provided the themes all Mario fans are dying to hear as well as a variety of new music to fit the feel and themes of the game. I believe the Mario series is one of those games that requires music to create the feel of the game, it gives this happy and energetic attitude that attracts so much more than just the common gamer to it. 10/10


There are three large differences that place Super Mario Galaxy ahead as a platformer. One is that the new elements such as changing gravity and planetary travel allow a whole new level of gameplay. He second is tat the new Wii motion controls are surprisingly entertaining and fantastically well done making it one of the faces of the Wii. Lastly is the graphics and sound which amplify the Mario series raising it to new heights that without this energetic and nostalgic feel would fall short of what it has shown that it can achieve.

I think the addition of "space exploration" in Super Mario Galaxy was pure genius. It make the gameplay have all the old additions while expanding on it greatly making it a new game in its own not just another chunk in the history of Mario. I was incredibly impressed with Super Mario Galaxy and suggest everyone on the Wii to get it, the game is a staple of the console. 9.5/10

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Metal Gear Solid IV, Game of the Year?

YES IT IS!!! Ok so many people may not agree and I am sure it won't win most "Game of the Year" awards but hands down in my opinion there is no debate. Metal Gear Solid IV is so good I cannot even begin to rant without my head wanting to explode into a million pieces. :P

I got 2 new games and finished one, I finished Eternal Sonata which by the way was alot of fun and I picked up Little Big Planet and Valkyria Chronicles. I have played Little Big Planet a bunch 2 player with my girlfriend and it is a blast, hopefully I will start playing Valkyria Chronicles tonight I have been pumped for this game for months.

Finally and the most important news of all.... OBAMA WON! In your face McCain fools! Mwahahahaha! Yes! finally I don't have to be ashamed of my president (knock on wood) I have high hopes for Obama and I sincerley think he can accomplish them. Unfortunatly with voting it is always the lesser of two evils I would much rather had voted for Nader but he wouldn't have won so I would rather just make a differance. :) :P

- Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots -

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions

Release: June 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the last in the line of the Metal Gear Solid series and therefore it must close the story. Due to this you may want to play through the first three before looking into the fourth or you will miss a great amount of detail and will spoil a lot for yourself. So before you go any further decide if you want to know details or the story in the fourth game before playing through the first three you have been warned haha.

Solid Snake now aging rapidly is contacted by his old colonel Campbell. Now retired Campbell has a special mission only Snake could complete and at the mention of "Liquid" Snake he was very interested. Wars now are pretty much controlled and performed by PMBs which are hired mercenary companies. All of which who are hooked into a computer system that monitors their vitals, increases combat efficiency, and can suppress any emotion. Snakes mission is to head to the Middle East in a war zone and track down the location of Liquid who has been sighted in the area.

Liquid who is in control of nearly all the PMBs is orchestrating large scale proxy wars with a hidden motive. These proxy wars keep the world in constant need of soldiers and constantly in a state of chaos. Liquid aka "Liquid Ocelot" is controlling revolver ocelots body through the transplanted arm that was graphed onto his body. While trying to find a way to track down Liquid, Snake prepares his "last mission" while in search for a way to stop the rapid aging. Many look down of the storyline of the MGS series, personally I cannot fathom this and see it in the exact opposite way. One of the best continuous storylines in gaming in my honest opinion especially for games outside the genre of RPGs, it is the only game in the espionage action and FPS genres that actually has a storyline worth paying attention to.

Now there are many who will disagree or argue with my opinion on it's storyline so I will keep it quick. The storyline of the MGS series is of amazing detail giving an in-depth view of almost everything in relation to the games. Being in a genre that in my perspective has no storylines worth noticing exceeds my expectations by far while still keeping the best gameplay of the genre in my opinion as well.

Now for people who aren't die hard MGS fans the most important part is gameplay and since gameplay doesn't give spoilers well here we go. Taking Metal Gear Solid 3's gameplay and expanding on it 10 fold they created what I like to call gaming perfection. The new stealth system that uses "Octo-Camo" works similar to the camouflage of MGS3 but more similar to a chameleon. You can also move a lot more fluently while in a camouflaged state showing off Snakes espionage skill. With the many different ways to attack or disarm your opponents it makes the game much more unique and entertaining to play through.

Unlike most of the other stealth/espionage titles MGS allows you to play fairly aggressive at times and gives you some breathtaking one on one boss fights. This allows you to develop your own play way from aggressive to stealthy although of course to complete the game you will have to use both. Besides other storyline bosses the main bosses without giving away anything is the Beauty and the Beast core. These are women who are twisted by deep seeded emotions to take on a more primal animal form and then fitted with the technology and the skill to make them the perfect killing machines. The boss fights vary in types from stealth fights, sniper duels, chasing battles, or aggressive battles giving you some amazing battles and a great variety of them.

Graphically I found MGS4 to be just as astonishing as its fantastic story and gameplay. With great quality each character and environment looks realistic to a level I have never seen before and I never knew was possible. Pushing the PS3 graphics to a level no game has yet it has no equal on the consoles in my opinion. An important feature they spent a lot of time on developing was the online play, although I didn't play a lot of it was impressively done and surprisingly entertaining. I hope that in the future I can try it more and I would suggest you at least to try it out.

The music of MGS4 was well done with a large variety of music developed to set the mood for the plot. Although good as it was I think MGS3's was a little better but I have exceedingly high expectations for this game even when it comes to music. The sound quality was great setting up complex environments full of characters, explosions, and gunfire creating a virtual battleground with unparalleled realism.

Possibly my favorite game in a long time MGS4 did not disappoint; it has great gameplay, an amazing storyline, amazing graphics, and a lot of replay value. The look and feel of the game is truly showed by the genius of Hideo Kojima and realized in his ambitions. I would rate Metal Gear Solid IV a perfect 10 out of 10 and suggest everyone who enjoys games to play it. The combination of great graphics, gameplay, and storyline proves that MGS4 is a masterpiece and excelling in all categories it is truly a jack of all trades.

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One game to rule them all, one game to bring them, and in the game bind them....

So yesterday I bought Eternal Sonata, I wanted to wait I really did but crave a bright flashy new PS3 RPG and it will provide so oh well. Although I cannot play it until Saturaday night maybe Sunday morning! Yesteday and today I have been pretty much non-stop studying for my Art History - Modern to Renaissance Survey mid-term I have to memorize 30 paintings name, artist, and date they were made. If that wasn't torture enough there are also 40 multiple choice questions to go along with it I think I am getting it all down good but we well see...

PS: How did you like the Lord of the Rings Joke for Chaos Wars? Eh? Eh? Haha :P

An odd little SRPG that brings many games ino one including the amazing series of Shadow Hearts, the anime and game Gungrave, Spectral Souls, Growlanser, and many more alot of which I haven't gotten the chance to play. Chaos Wars is unique at least among american games, I have heard this type of game is a little more common in Japan.

- Chaos Wars -

Publisher: O3 Entertainment

Developer: Idea Factory

Release: May 2008

You are a young boy in Japan named Hyoma out with his friends Hayatemaru and ******* (Gamespot Censors her name for some reason?) Last night you had a dream of a mythical cave nobody can ever find, to the surprise of your friends when you go to where the cave was in your dream it was actually there. Due to unnatural circumstances you find yourself taken to a different place unknown to you, when you come to your senses you find a girl named Rin under attack by monsters. Rin describes to you that you are in Endia a place where remnants from many places gather, people brought here like Hyoma are called "Knights".

Rin unlike most people can control these gates of transportation but most things require a key for access. Wile helping Rin escape from a mysterious order known as "The Luin" you set out to find your friends and find your way back home. Now Chaos Wars might seem normal after reading this bit it has one massive difference from most games. The plot is filled with various characters from a large variety of games such as Shadow Hearts, Gungrave, Growlanser, Spectral Souls, and many more titles. This allows the game to make a very nostalgic and creative cast that hopefully you recognize most of the characters from and enjoy. Now many would call this "unoriginal" but combining the unique story they each have and the story Chaos Wars itself has makes a very interesting and fun plot.

Being a SRPG Chaos Wars employs a unique from of strategic combat. Each character has a few traits that make them unique and then they have a "Realize", this pulls out their potential or weapons from the world they were originally from giving them special traits and skills as well as very improved stats. You can only stay in your realize from 2-5 turns dependents on the quality of it, using it requires you to fill your realize gauge which fills from attacking and defending. Also using your special skills and doing team attacks requires your realize gauge to be filled as well making it an important function in combat.

You do not move on a grid like many RPGs, although the grid-less SRPG is getting more and more popular nowadays. You get skills through "skill evolution" when used your skills both gain levels and can change into different skills and spells. You can also buy them from the store similar to how you would buy weapons, items, and armor. Each attack has a different weapon type that can use it such as fists, swords, spears, guns, staves, double swords, dolls, guitars, gunblades, double guns, and more also each skill has a different range and radius that it can strike. The realize and skill system allows for a good customization between characters and also a distinctive uniqueness.

Although the fun strategic gameplay with the nostalgic characters is what drew me to the game graphically I find it very appealing as well. Although the characters are cartoony and anime-ish I thought it fit the games less serious attitude perfectly and I enjoyed it a lot. The various skills, characters, and environments all looked great with a variety of effects and designs. This allows you to drift away from paying attention to detains and allows you to focus on the gameplay and plot.

The unfortunate downfall of Chaos Wars is a sad sad thing to bring up the voice acting. Now I have played a lot of games with terrible English voice acting but due to them rushing the game past second to come over seas Chaos Wars takes the terrible voice acting trophy. With a homosexual Uru (Yuri from Shadow Hearts, my favorite character! Noooo! Haha) among other embaressing and retarded voices you will cring everytime you hear a character talk. Seriously there are some characters that sound like they took the "special ed" ****from your old high school and paid them to do voices. Now personally I can understand the problems and the way I fixed it was by immediately turning on the Japanese voices but the reputation of a game must take a hit when you ignore such a problem.

Now the terrible voice acting may take a toll of the game but I find it to be nothing more that a nuisance that is embarrassing to the game developers to have overlooked the quality. I would much rather have gotten the game translated into English than with terrible or no voice acting than not gotten it over seas at all. The gameplay and plot both were very unique and exciting making playing through the game with all the nostalgic characters a blast. The graphics are music are well done and fit the game well giving a good environment for the plot and characters. Due to the fun strategic gameplay and unique character cast I would rate Chaos Wars a 8.8 out of 10 . Although having to use Japanese voices was annoying (Being an avid anime fan I am very used to listening to Japanese voices and sometimes even prefer those voices) it didn't really damper the gameplay or the plot at all. I would suggest anyone who is a fan of SRPGs or RPGs to try this out and if you have played any of the tons of titles that Chaos Wars encompasses it makes it tons more fun to play as those characters and/or fight those villains.

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Double Review: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and Wii Fit!

One of the greatest and most versatile game sof all time Warcraft III, I know lots of people have fallen into a catatonic state in World of Warcaft but my love for the series started way before the MMORPG. In fact Warcraft III in my mind is far superior to World of Warcraft, this game is a must play for ANY PC gamer. :P

- Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne -

Publisher: Blizzard

Developer: Blizzard

Release: Jul 2002

Warcraft III and it's expansion pack The Frozen Throne are RTSs (Real Time Strategy) which have you as a commander over an army of troops. Usually playing the role as a various hero from the storyline you complete quests, level up your hero, build up bases and armies, and also defeat your enemies. Obviously the third game of the series it has a large story of many characters of varying races that it expands on.

You play as many different heroes from all of the races at war with each other but the main character in the game is Arthas heir to the throne of Lorderon, kingdom of the humans. Striving to prove himself and become a paladin (a hero who wields the powers of light in the name of justice) he heads to the outskirts of his land where there is rumored to be a deadly plague spreading. On arrival he finds the plague to be much worse than expected to be there are under ravaging the lands and slaughtering the living. Arthas swears to destroy this undead scourge plaguing his lands and follows them down trying to wipe them out of existence. Although this is how the story begins it ends up unfolding into a large battle to save the world from an impending force of unfathomable power.

The story of The Frozen Throne is a continuation of Warcraft III's, which further expands of the story creating an amazing and in-depth plot. Unfortunately any insight into it would spoil the whole story for you so I will refrain from talking about it. Now being a computer game obviously online play is very important and Warcraft III can be played both ways. With an amazing world editor you can make custom maps that can be played competitively online by everyone or at home by yourself, this editor allows you to change the very fundamentals of the game transferring it into anything that you wish as long as you have the skill to create it.

The gameplay is very fun with a good strategy based combat using various units and races to form armies. Through this system you can counter the various combination that you will face from the 4 races you can play in the melee game. These races are the humans, orcs, night elves, and undead and each of these races has its own campaign in the storyline that allows you to progress the story as different heroes of different sides of the conflict.

The heroes of Warcraft III play a big role in both gameplay and story, in the game your hero has a variety of skills as he gains levels allowing you to build them up how you see fit and granting you skills that can win the tide of war. Mixing units and picking other heroes that support them is vital to strategy and conquering your enemies. Graphically Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne look fantastic with many cool units, animations, and astounding cut scenes. Using slightly less detailed skins on small models it allows not only the customization of changing anything in the world editor, but allows your computer to skill run it well even when you could possibly have a hundred or more units on screen.

The music of the game is very similar to the rest of the series a large variety of epic battle themes that are fantastic as well as the many voices of all the characters throughout the game and during the campaigns. The large thing that truly makes Warcraft III amazing and put it far ahead of any other RTS is the online play combined with the world editor, this allows for limitless possibilities with custom maps. I would rate Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne a 9.8 out of 10 for a fantastic game and story with the best replay value of any game I have ever seen. I would suggest anyone who owns a computer to play this game especially if you have the internet the custom maps online are endless fun and endlessly different, if you also hold interest or play World of Warcraft this is a must play to truly understand the story of the entire series.

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My second review of today is Wii Fit, yes I know it is a stupid fitness game but it could suprise you if you are interested in staying fit or just looking for a good time. If you own a Wii I would check this game out you may be suprised to find that you actually like it.

- Wii Fit -

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Release: May 2008

Wii Fit is from one of the rarest genres in video games, the "Exercise/Fitness Game". Although when you think of exercise and fitness you don't think of entertainment, that trend is what Wii Fit tries to break. Produced by Nintendo themselves they really pushed the use of the new Wii balance board and the wiimote.

Although the purpose of the game is to make exercise more entertaining and convenient, the game also has a very hardcore workout if that is what you desire. Although there is no weightlifting obviously there are lots of activities that will push even the seasoned veteran (Personally I work out nearly everyday of the week from running, upper body, core, or lower body) this allows a wide variety of possibilities. Some of the activities are push up contests, jogging, tight rope walking, boxing practice, various yoga techniques, and also a large variety of games and exercises. They are divided into four categories Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobic, and Balance Games these four each have their own uses and entertainment.

Personally I am not big on yoga, I am not all that flexible but even for me it is an amazing stretching process to do before a serious workout. Balance games I find to be more of a fun category, filled with various mini-games that although designed to improve balance are more of a form of entertainment than exercise. Aerobic is for mainly for calorie burning, probably the most common reason to exercise due to the wish of weight loss. A variety of exercises designed to keep you entertained while you keep your heart rate elevated for a good balanced calorie burn.

Strength training is the main focus of the workout in my mind being the bulk of the muscle challenging exercises. Having a large variety of exercises to single out specific muscles or muscle groups you can work out the muscles you think you need more work on than others. The ability to increase reps will make you able to change from beginner to expert difficulty easily. Although all these exercises and activities are the large portion of the game there are other features, including a calendar for scheduling and recording workouts and such.

Another feature I found very good and still use is the basic daily test, this tells you your posture, weight, and your current BMI. This allows you to keep a day-to-day track of your workout progress and allows you to see what is working for you and what isn't, it may just be my personal opinion but if you do this everyday it will increase your chances to stay with your goal. Speaking of goals, when you play Wii Fit it asks you to set BMI/weight goals in which it will tell you your progress everyday and tell you how close or far you are from this BMI/weight goal. The "Wii Balance Board" is what truly brings this entire game together allowing all these exercises and games to be both performed and monitored. Although expensive the balance board is an amazing piece of technology, not only is it a great scale worth its cost but also a unique pressure sensitive device that will be used for many Wii games to come.

After playing Wii Fit for a while you come to the conclusion that it is a tool to keep you interested and give you the drive to continue. Nearly everything you could do without the balance board but it wouldn't be visual and interactive giving you less motivation to continue and hit your goals. I would rate Wii Fit a 8.6 out of 10 for an amazing attempt to make a game that can provide a sufficient workout while still being fun. Although no workout game I would rate that highly this is the best of its genre in my honest opinion, if you wish to get a fitness game this would defiantly be my first suggestion.

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Rogue Galaxy, In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Lately I went on what some may call a "Game Killing Spree" I demolished through Silent Hill: Homecoming, then I tore through Devil May Cry IV, and after that I preceded to pound God of War II into the dirt. When it was all said and done I felt content that I finally got to play a good amount of games, the actiony style of the games of course made them alot shorter than RPGs. Well other than that chunk of fun I am not up to much other than Mid-Terms at school but I seem to be doing pretty good at them.

So how is everyone else doing? Savoy? Draco? Ect? Well guys, here is my review of Rogue Galaxy I amtrying to post them up as fast as I type them up so I can finally catch up to my recent games, that stupid spurt without internet backed up my reviews alot. Tommarow I will probably post up a double review of Warcraft III/The Frozen Throne and Wii Fit. Cya guys :P

- Rogue Galaxy -

Publisher: SCEA

Developer: Level 5

Release: Jan 2007

When you load up Rogue Galaxy you find yourself in a world of both modern and primitive themes guns and swords, skyscrapers and huts, and much more. This combination gives the game quite the diverse atmosphere which is quite unique. You play as a young man named Jaster Rogue who wishes nothing more than to travel the galaxy planet to planet. One day his town is attacked by a monster and with the help of a powerful and mysterious stranger you battle it. To finish it the stranger gives you a magnificent sword and then disappears without a trace, with the sword in hand you finish off the dangerous monster and save the town from peril.

Afterwards Jaster is approached by two people, Steve (a strange robot that reminds me of C3PO) and Simion (a odd little dude who you cannot tell is an alien or a human) these two have mistaken you for a legendary hunter that goes by the name "Desert Claw". They seem to think this due to the sword you were given and they wish for you to take on a job for them. Taking the opportunity to visit space and go on an adventure you join their band and leave the planet on the Dorgenark their ship. Now Jaster begins his dream, to travel the galaxy and find his destiny.

At first glace of Rogue Galaxy I though it was going to be generic, to my surprise the story was actually quite good with some cool character and nice character development. Although a solid storyline, the place I believe Rogue Galaxy stands out is gameplay where it involves some unique elements into its RPG gameplay. Most of the combat is slashing your sword, blasting your gun, or guarding from attacks but you also have a bunch of cool skills you can use.

Each character has a main weapon and a sub weapon that are very different in attacking usually one is short range and one is long range, this gives the characters a wide variety of attacks and weapon types to use. You play as Jaster in this action-based combat but you can also play as any of the other characters as you see fit but I love my main characters and almost always stuck with him. This strange and unique combat is quite fun and lets you change combat strategies often to fight different challenges that you face throughout the game.

In the very late PS2 era Rogue Galaxy looks very clean and well animated, cut scenes being "in-game" graphics provides a smooth transition between gameplay and story although doesn't have that amazing realistic look. The music is good and holds the feel of the many various environments you explore ranging from jungles to factorys, but none of the music in the game really stands out as great. The graphical and sound portion was all around good but neither did it excel impressing you somewhat "generic" which may explain why I had such a feeling about the game in the first place.

The combination of a fun and unique battle system involving multiple characters and a variety of weapons with a good solid storyline creates a great basis for the game. I would rate Rogue Galaxy a 8.3 out of 10 for being an all around good game that keeps you entertained and is truly fun. Although the game doesn't excel like the Final Fantasy series is known for doing it is very enjoyable and I would suggest any RPG fan to try it out because you will most likely enjoy it as well.

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Mace's Rogue Galaxy Review

Kingdom Hearts, An RPG designed for kids?

Now this is a review that I am sure nobody will like, well at least not most people I don't understand it but Kingdom Hearts has quite a large following. Well enjoy, and don't attack me too much after you've read it :P

- Kingdom Hearts -

Publisher: Square-Enix

Developer: Square-Enix

Release: Sep 2002

You begin as a normal boy named Sora on an island that is secluded. You and your friends Riku and Kairi dream of travel, in order to get off the island you need a boat so you begin building one together. Finally you finish your boat and plan to head out the next day excited for adventure. During the night you awaken and see a strange storm starting and as the storm grows it ends up sucking you up into it. You find yourself in a strange new place under attack by strange dark monsters but through a mysterious power you can summon a "keyblade" (Yes, it is a key, no it isn't sharp, and yes it is used to cut things... I know it is horribly lame but it is important to the plot so just ignore it) and with it battle your foes. After fighting many enemies you are confronted by Donald and Goofy who are searching for the keyblade by order of their king. The three of you together then set out on a hazardous adventure in search for Riku, Kairi, and their king.

Although a well thought out plot I unfortunately found Kingdom Hearts story incredibly annoying. It is obviously directed to a younger audience with the many Disney character you meet throughout the game and the "emo" story is too much for me. To me the very strong younger elements are one of the things sealed the door to what kingdom hearts could have been, although important to me the plot of the game is only one part of it.

The gameplay was unique with various elements unique to RPGs, although usually used in a good way unique doesn't mean it was good. The combat system was painfully simple, there wasn't much of a point in doing anything other than slashing with your keyblade and jumping when necessary. Although it was this simple I admit it was fun to run around hacking things apart mindlessly but even though I found it fun it was way too simple and also too easy and repetitive. I would describe it as somewhat of an RPG for beginners, yet again directing it to a younger audience.

There are other unique parts of Kingdom Hearts as well, one being the "Gummi Ship". This allows you to take control of a ship and shoot hordes of enemies like good old R-Type or many others. This is without a doubt unique and peaked my interest from the first time I saw it although the system for it was somewhat lackluster it was a lot of fun and a good addition to the game. Another unique aspect of Kingdom Hearts is your partners, controlled by Ai they battle your enemies as you order them only stopping when they die. The unique part is that they resurrect automatically after a period of time so as long as your alive your partners will eternally fight.

The game looks quite cartoony but not in a bad way, obviously directed to kids with the Disney graphics I think it fits very well. Well made characters and animations look great as with most of Square-Enix's work allowing a comfortable play. The music is filled with a good variety of Disney songs as well as a large variety of RPG music, although the music isn't really in my taste it was well executed. The Disney themes strongly influenced the games events but it was weighed well with the games plot. Although a well made game it is not my kind of game due to the lack of difficulty, over simplified combat, and terribly annoying story I would rate Kingdom Hearts a 7.6 out of 10. Now don't kill me immediately just because I don't love your little kids game, I admit the game is well structured but I need good combat, some difficulty, and a good story in an RPG and in my honest opinion I don't think Kingdom Hearts provided any of these. If you are looking for an RPG that is liked by many Kingdom Hearts may be for you but I wouldn't go buying the series without trying them first that's for sure.

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