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LordFinigan Blog

Drinking, Rock Band and Me

So last night we had a few wobbly pops, and naturally Rock Band reared it's ugly head. I hate it when Rock Band shows up to a party I'm already intoxicated at. When I drink, I try to show off, and when I try to show off, I play Rock Band. It's like playing a plastic instrument should really impress the ladies....

So naturally, I looked the drunken fool and people laughed. Today, I'm going to play a bunch of songs on Expert, pass them all, and feel smug about it all. To myself.

Starting my first Gamespot account

So this is my first blog entry to gamespot. I'm posting this because I'm trying to figure out a few things like: How to use fuctions and features on Gamespot. Level up so I can comment and spam people! Get emblems? Those seem cool. I plan on using this blog rather sparingly, as I'll be writing reviews more than anything. Take care, Finigan