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to everyone who thumbs down the comments in my blogs

you are silly.

if you're doing this, it means that you have nothing better to do, and the time which you are wasting right now can be used for making friends and/or finding a girlfriend. speaking of girlfriends, i have a meeting with the parents of mine tomorrow, so please, dont make me nervous before such an important event.

i agree that thumbing down m comments is funny in some way, but i dont want you to trouble my blog readers with rubbish like that, because ive started receiving pms with upset people who complain that their comments are thumbed down.

thank you for your time.

Scary condoms and super pills

I've just found out that my gf is pregnant :(. Help me plz, I dont wanna be a father for now. btw she doesnt want an abortion, I dont blame her, but seriously, I'm ****ed. Advice on how to gtfo from her and the child is greatly appreciated. Afte all, she was the one who insisted on not using condoms, not me, it was that *****. ps. I'm 27, not a virgin(duh), also I have a beard.